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An Introduction to Special Education in Ontario
     "All students require support from teachers, classmates, family, and friends in order to thrive and to gain full benefit from their school experience. Some students have special needs that require supports beyond those ordinarily received in the school setting. In Ontario, students who have behavioural, communicational, intellectual, physical or multiple exceptionalities, may have educational needs that cannot be met through regular instructional and assessment practices. These needs may be met through accommodations, and/or an educational program that is modified above or below the age-appropriate grade level expectations for a particular subject or course. Such students may be formally identified as exceptional pupils."

Interesting stuff from our files...(on the left of this page)
Can't understand the language used in the Psych report?!  Check the 'Files' link, to your left, for information on:
   1. Terminology used in the Psycho-Educational Report  
    2. What exactly is an IEP?  And, the IEP Fact Sheet for Parents 
    3. What does a Memory Aid look like?  Please note.  A memory aid may be an accommodation recommended by a Psychologist and included in a Psychological assessment.  A memory aid is not typically an accommodation for post-secondary institutions.  Colleges and universities may offer other suggestions, such as a reduced course load or recommend study strategies. 
    4. Why the ability to hit a golf ball 350 yards doesn't necessarily mean you're 'exceptional'
    5. Specialized Equipment Applications (SEA) : Ministry Document
    6. Grade 10 EQAO Literacy test information
    7. From Report to the Classroom - Exceptionalities defined, their impact on the student, and strategies to accommodate
    8. Summary of things to do when beginning to use Dragon Naturally Speaking (v.10.1)  
And...our all time favourite
    9. What do those people do in Resource?

EQAO Information
Grade 9 Math:
Students taking grade 9 Math will write the EQAO Math assessment during the semester in which they have math.  Assessments will be written in January for those who have Math during semester 1, and in June for those who have Math during semester 2.

Grade 10 Literacy:
The Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT).  Check our Files for helpful hints, reading and writing tips...better yet, go to the EQAO website to review previous tests and answers!  The next OSSLT is Wednesday, March 27, 2019.
Documentation Requirements: What do Colleges and Universities require of a student to access accommodations?

***Transitions Guide to Post Secondary: Colleges and Universities*** 
This website provides information concerning accommodations at Colleges and Universities in Ontario.  You can easily access each institutions 'Resource" centre for students requiring accommodations.  

What can I study in College/University?
Use this website to help find a program.  It will:
    - give you 5 recommendations
    - reduce time spent on selecting a program
    - provide you with unbiased results
    - help you make an informed, educated decision on how to spend your time and money when approaching a College or University

Make the Cut - MTC
Make the CUT (College / University Transition) is a transition program designed to assist students with Learning Disabilities or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder make a successful transition from secondary school to college or university. This program is a joint initiative of Carleton University’s Paul Menton Centre for Students with Disabilities and Algonquin College’s Centre for Accessible Learning, in collaboration with the Public and Catholic School boards of Ottawa-Carleton, Upper Canada, and Renfrew County. The program provides prospective students with an orientation to the post-secondary environment with a focus on specific resources available for students with Learning Disabilities or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.  

The next Make the CUT session will be held at Algonquin College on Wednesday, May 1, 2019.       

Other events to look for during the summer of 2019 include:
Strategic Learning in the College Environment (SLICE) at Algonquin College. Registration is completed on-line. Next session is during the summer of 2019.  Check back for details in the spring.

Transition to Carleton University (INTRO) Information and registration will be available on-line through Paul Menton Centre at Carleton University.    
University of Ottawa.  Transitions information is posted on the Student Academic Success Service (SASS) website. Check often for updated information. 

Learning Disability Videos
Understanding the LD student...Rick Lavoie explaining, and instructing, how Learning Disabled students experience the 'traditional classroom'. 

Information pertaining to Learning Disabilities in Ottawa

The Learning Disabilities Association of Ottawa-Carleton (LDAO-C) is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting increased awareness and respect for persons with learning disabilities (LDs). As an association, we engage the community and professional groups to assist in their understanding of LDs and ADHD.