In order to use your iPad effectively at school, you will need to have the following accounts:
- An Apple ID (note that you can set this up without a credit card and it must be a "Canadian" Apple ID)
- Your School Google Mail Account (@ocsbstudent.ca for students or @ocsb.ca for staff)

Setup Instructions:
  1. Make sure you can access your School Google Mail Account.
  2. Make sure you have the latest iOS operating system
  3. Set your iPad Name to your student Number and then name  (Settings -> General -> About -> Name). Ex s123456 - John Smith
  4. Visit http://m.meraki.com and enter 041-832-0489 and proceed to Install the Profile
  5. When we associate your email address with your device, you will have email, calendars and wifi settings set up for school use.
  6. Turn on Automatic Downloads for Apps and Updates (Settings -> iTunes & App Store -> Automatic Downloads)
  7. Turn on Find my iPad and iCloud Backup (Settings -> iCloud)
  8. Check for free copies of the productivity suite and iMovie in the App Store (Pages, Numbers, Keynote, iMovie) and download them only if they are free.  If they have a price listed, do not download them as we will provide them for you.
  9. Log into http://my.mths.ca and follow the two VPP Program Invitation links at the bottom of the page.  Note:  Because of the way we purchase apps, you may need to do this twice.  You would see two separate links, one for each program.
  10. Check Calendar to see that the school calendar is there.
  11. Visit the App Store on your device and go to the Purchased Tab.  You should see TI Nspire, Notability, Explain Everything, Puffin, the Bible, MTHS and a few other apps available to you for free.  Start downloading these apps.
  12. Download your textbooks in Vitalsource Bookshelf using your school email address and the password 'books'.
  13. Add the French Keyboard (Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Keyboards)

Further Assistance:

For further assistance with your iPad, please visit the Learning Commons or email us at TechHelp@mths.ca

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