AWS Carrier Pathways & Other Certifications

Getting industry certifications can be extremely valuable. Understanding what people in the industry are learning and having them when you apply for a co-op position or a job can be hugely beneficial. In this section you will work through several industry certifications to gain other computer science skills besides coding.

Your Choice
If there is some certification that you are interested in doing, talk to me and we can figure something out together.

NDG Linux Essentials 
Having a grounding in Linux, the most popular OS in the world, is an essential skill. You will work through this course to become a Linux Gugu:
  • get yourself registered for the NDG Linux Essentials course

    • use your school email address

    • you will get a link emailed to you

      • I had to "reset" my password to actually be able to set my password

Diploma in Python Programming - Revised 
Yes, reviewing what we did last year is also important! Plus Python is the 2nd most popular programming language right now:
Diploma in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript - Revised 
Although HTML and CSS IS NOT PROGRAMMING, JavaScript is and to use JavaScript effectively you need to know HTML and CSS. Besides, almost everything you see on the web is based on HTML & CSS. Also JavaScript is the most popular programming language used in the world:
AWS Application Developer Career Path 
You will be working through the AWS Application Developer career path. You will be doing this independently during class. When done, you will have an AWS Education Certificate, that you can place on your resume. The mark that you get on the online course, will be the mark you get on this section (this is worth 10% of your final mark). Take your time, do not rush (you have all semester!), learn something and have fun.