Final Project

The final project will give students the opportunity to create a large piece of software. To develop software of any "size" project planning and development is critically important, even more important than the coding

There are several goals included in this project:
  • actually get your software published
    • this is not a theoretical process like "little" test programs
    • this software is to be usable and published on the App Store
  • work through a "development cycle" from start to finish
  • the following 11 steps, will be the process we will follow to develop the software
    • you MUST follow along and place your development plan in the same categories
  • the video on the side is for iPhone apps but it applies to any app development
  • in coding use, the goal is where ever possible to use true OOP with classes:
    • inheritance
    • polymorphism
    • encapsulation
Please watch the video and follow along with the process!