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Please contact your guidance counsellor for more information.

Graduation Convocation – (update to follow)

Sacred Heart Information for your Grad Year

Graduation Planning Information (2018-2019)

What I Wish I Knew in September....

Key Grad Dates (including college/university schedule)  

Useful Sites for Sacred Heart Graduating Students


Researching College and University Programs

How To Apply to College

OUAC Presentation 2018

Ontario College Application User Guide Part A  (to follow)

Ontario College Application User Guide Part B   (to follow)

Sacred Heart HS OCAS Presentation 

How to Apply to College Links

This video reviews the key details needed to apply to an Ontario College

Process for any College application

Start your application to college, but also to first do your research of programs, etc

How To Apply to University

Applying On-Line to Ontario Universities 2017-2018

The application process is demonstrated in 7 videos, that review all the major steps

This site is where all the research before applying should occur. Einfo has course prerequisites, mark ranges, scholarship and even residence info. Do your research first, and if you note the program code, your application can be extra fast!
This is the site where high school students begin their application to Ontario Universities - they must use the "101" application. 
Students must wait to apply until we receive their unique PIN #, which is usually mid-November. 
This site has many other resources as well. We recommend student apply in early December

Financial Assistance and Scholarship Information

Financial Aid and Awards 2018-2019

Awards & Scholarships:

The cost of Getting an Education

University Cost Calculator


Parents Guide to Funding for Higher Education



OUAC Application-Handout

More OUAC Tutorials

eINFO Tutorial

Directory of U.S. Online Learning Opportunities