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AmbiSHEous is hosting a free StartupSelf workshop in Ottawa from November 19-21.  Students with interests in business, politics, and social impact, or who are involved with school council, clubs, teams, peer mentorship groups, or have taken on other leadership roles are most likely to benefit from the program. Applications and more information can be accessed at www.ambiSHEous.ca/ottawa until October 21, 2018.

This workshop provides an experiential learning opportunity for girls that equips them with real-life knowledge, practical skills and earned confidence to navigate towards independence, make a positive impact, and shape a more powerful future for themselves and their communities.  At the end of the workshop, girls will have an opportunity to share their big ideas and ambitions during Meet-and-Greet with parents, mentors, and community leaders.  --Katharine Cornfield, Founder, ambiSHEous    

myBlueprint Course Planner: "Student Course Selection Demo" video at the following link:

Important Information Regarding Summer School and Upgrading Course Marks:  The The Ministry of Ontario has clarified the procedure to use regarding summer school 'upgrading' of courses. "If a student has passed a credit course, and wishes to retake it during the regular academic year to upgrade his or her mark, the student is required to take a 110 hour course. This same policy applies if the student is retaking the course through summer school. As outlined in Ontario Schools, http://www.edu.gov.on.ca/eng/document/policy/os/index.html, p. 84, “Summer school credit courses must fulfil the same credit requirements as courses offered during the regular school year, including the requirement that each one credit course be scheduled for 110 hours.”  This policy ensures that a student in summer school has covered the material needed to warrant the upgraded mark. It is also fairer to students applying for post secondary entrance."  Note that this process does not apply to students doing credit recovery, because they failed a course. 

For information and help with Family Counselling, please contact Ottawa Family Services at  613-725-3601 ext. 207 or visit www.familyservicesottawa.org


Driver’s Education Program at All Saints CHS 

·    Register on line at www.ocsb.ca

·    Click on the “Programs” tab, then on “Drivers Education”:  This page will provide you with all the information about the program and an Online Registration form.  Or you can download a hard copy to mail or fax.

Eligibility:  Students must be 16 years of age and have a G1 license prior to the start of the program


§   20 hours classroom instruction

§   20 hours of group in-car instruction – 10 hours behind-the-wheel and 10 hours of observation

§   10 hours at home assignments

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