Benefits of learning FSL

Considerable researches show that learning a second language has many benefits. Here are some of the many benefits stated in A framework for French as a Second Language in Ontario Schools, 2013:
  • enhance first-language and overall literacy skills
  • provide a foundation for the learning of additional languages (Jedwad, n.d)
  • can help the development of interpersonal and social skills
  • increase self-confidence and self-esteem and ease with others (Adam, 2005, p.107)
  • economic and cultural asset within Canada and beyond
  • open up students to global communication 
And in the French as a Second Language Curriculum, 2013:
  •  communicate with French-speaking people in Canada and around the world
  • understand and appreciate the history and evolution of culture
  • develop and benefit from a competitive advantage in the workforce
  • teaches understanding, encourages patience and fosters open-mindedness