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Welcome to "Samaritans on the Digital Road" - a resource for teachers of the Ottawa Catholic School Board to engage students in learning about participating in the digital world in a proactive, responsible and compassionate manner. 
This resource is built upon the shoulders of Jesus' parable about The Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37). Each grade (1-12) will explore the meaning of one verse as it relates to being an online citizen while completing five lessons created specifically to address the challenges found at each grade. 

For teachers: 
- Click on the "Grade" you are teaching (the column on the left)
- Click on the link called "Lesson 1 - Being a Citizen"

- Click on the image of the Smartboard to access and save a full Smart Notebook Lesson to be used with a Smartboard. 


    - Click on the image of the Clipboard to access a detailed lesson plan to accompany the Smart        
      Notebook presentation.

    - Click on the image of the folded paper to access handouts (if applicable)

    - Click on the image with .PDF  to access a version of the 
presentation to be used with an LCD 
      projector (no-Smartboard).