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- Please check (and sign) your child's agenda every day. 

- We have serious allergies in our class this year. **Please make sure lunches do not include any nut products, fish, shellfish or crustaceans.**

Learning Goals:
Math Learning Goals:
- Place Value - Representing numbers to 100 000 in Gr 5 and 1 000 000 in Gr 6.

- Practise your Mental Math strategies (Number Talks) adding, subtracting and multiplying numbers using different strategies.

Language Learning Goals:
Reading: Reading Comprehension Strategy focus is Making Connection and Inferencing
Writing: Writing paragraphs with a topic sentence, 2-3 supporting sentences and a closing sentence

Important Dates:

Library Gr 6 on Tuesday, Gr 5 on Friday
- Choir every Wednesday (lunch recess)