The students have completed all of the assigned word wall words for this year!  I strongly encourage that they practice the spelling of these words throughout the summer months.  Our class will be participating in the School Dance-a-thon on June 15th and if you have a pledge sheet with pledges, please send in the monies as soon as possible. Thank you for your support!   Many of the classroom mealworms have reached the beetle stage and the students are to be commended for the effort they put forth in the care and feeding of their mealworms. 

A reminder that today is Freezie Day. Jumbo Freezies will be sold for $1 and mini Freezies to the kinders for $ 0.25. TomorrowFriday, June 9th is a PD Day. Enjoy your weekend!

GV Plastic Bag Challenge

The actual event will take place from May 29 to June 2. All classes can start collecting as soon as possible. Please update this google doc to count your plastic bags that come into your class. We are looking for basic plastic grocery bags (please note  we are not accepting milk bags, clear produce bags, ziplock bags or compost bags to recycle in this project). We will have a display in the front foyer and our growing collection of bags).

For Thursday, May 18th, Environment Canada is calling for a high of 28 degrees Celsius. A perfect day for our first Freezie Day! Jumbo freezies will be sold for $1.00 outside during lunch recess. Small freezies for our kindergarten students will be available for $0.25. All proceeds will go towards supporting our Grade 6 students with their end of the year activity and Leaving Ceremony. 
A reminder that Friday, May 19th is a PD for students. Happy long weekend everyone!

Grade 3 students will participate in the EQAO assessment May 24, 25, and 26.
 Grade 6 students will participate in the EQAO assessment May 30, 31 and June 1.

Grade three students will be completing the EQAO testing next week on May 24th, 25th and 26th.  There is an information note in your child's agenda and a link from the school website on test preparation and important facts parents should know.

May 15th--The word wall words for grade two are: crashes, shook, caught, truck     
The grade threes have completed all the word wall words for this year and we are continuing to review and master the spelling of all words assigned. 
It was great to see so many parents at our Muffin Breakfast for Education week!  We hope all our Moms had a wonderful Mothers Day ~~

I h
ope everyone had a wonderful and blessed Easter holiday!

Thank you for all the toothpaste and toothbrushes that have been sent in for the Shepherds of Good Hope. The word wall words for this week (April 17-21).  Grade two words are:  clock, beautiful, thing, float, brothers
The grade three words are: 
impossible, independent, that’s, write, probably, here, too

The grade two students have been working towards preparing for the Celebration of First Eucharist.  They will be celebrating this sacrament at the end of April and we are very proud of the hard work that has been done by the boys and girls to prepare.

The grade three students participated in a Scientists in School workshop on Structures and they enjoyed the many corresponding activities.
  Here are some pictures of the grade threes participating in Swim to Survive.

The end of February has been very busy for our class!  Although the weather did not completely cooperate, our Winter Play Day was able to complete many of the planned outdoor activities.  The grade twos had a wonderful field trip to the Mill of Kintail in Almonte.  Many of the grade two students who enrolled will be celebrating the Sacrament of Reconciliation at St. Isidore's church on Wednesday, March 8th.  The grade threes completed the Swim to Survive Program and are to be congratulated on a job well done!

This week (Feb. 6th-Feb.10th) the word wall words for grade two are  first, or, trip, joke, jump, tell   
The grade three words are its, trouble, loveable, question, until 

The grade three students participated in their first Swim to Survive lesson.  The grade two students participated in a Pencil crayon workshop with local artist Amie Talbot.  Workshop pictures will be posted soon!

This week (Jan.30th - Feb.3rd) the word wall words for grade two are found, use, hurt, then, than.  The word wall words for grade three are I'm, your, you're, terrible, let's. 
On Friday February 3rd, the grade two students will be participating in a colour pencil workshop with local artist Amie Talbot.  The grade three students will be going to the Swim to Survive program at the Goulbourn Recreation Complex in Stittsville. The bus will leave Georges Vanier at 12:30pm and will return to school by 2:30pm.  Please remember to bring your bathing suit, a towel, plastic bag, flip flops and goggles if you have them.  The grade threes will be going swimming on Feb. 3rd, Feb. 10th, and Feb. 24th.

Congratulations to Jack and Reece for winning the sweater contest for our class today!

There will be no word wall words the week of January 23rd - 27th.  We will be having a review of all the word wall words given thus far this year.

Students are off to a great start in 2017  Every Monday we enjoy our school's Learning Commons.  Here are some of the students enjoying various activities that are offered!

Wishing Everyone a Happy and Safe New Year!

Before the Christmas holidays, our class performed Puppet Shows for the grade one students.  Included below are some pictures of our Puppeteers in Action

This December, we have been studying the differences between two dimensional and three dimensional shapes.  Students created triangular and rectangular prisms, cubes, pyramids and cones, using plasticene and toothpicks. 

Some pictures from the Grade three colour pencil workshop with artist Amie Talbot

Reminders: - Grade Two Dental Screening by public health nurse Tuesday Nov. 15th in the morning.  
                    - Thursday November 17th is Pizza/ Movie night. Information can be found on our school website.
- November 18th is a PD day and there is no school for students.
It was very nice meeting many of you at parent teacher interviews and if you ever have any questions or concerns, please feel free to leave a note in your child's agenda and I will contact you. We worked on Homonyms in language arts and looked at different types of graphs in mathematics. The students wrote postcards of appreciation and participated in a very moving Remembrance Day Ceremony put on by the grade 5 and 6 students. We are very sad to see Vladimir leave our classroom and move to another school.  We will miss you Vladimir!

Word wall words for the week of Nov. 14 - 17th are listed below. 
 November 18th is a PD day and there is no school for students.
 Grade Two Words:  played, green, there, their, here
Grade Three Words:  don’t, it’s, our, pretty, really

Last week was filled with Halloween excitement!  Take a look at our students in action completing centered activities involving measurement skills, puppet making and story writing.  Students also worked with various textures to create some spooktacular scratch art.
Word wall words for this week are:   Grade 2 words--went, that's, right, write, writing
 Nov. 7-11th                                            Grade 3 words --again, before, could, have, into

Parent Teacher Interviews will take place Thursday, November 10th from 4:00 -8:30 PM.  You can book an interview by completing the Online booking form located on our school website.  If the times available are not convenient for you, please leave a note in your child's agenda and we can make a time to meet on another day, before or after school. 

Winter Clothing Drive
As the weather turns colder, many of us are sorting through our winter clothing. Please take note that Georges Vanier will be holding their Winter Clothing Drive from Thursday Nov 3rd until Friday Nov 11th. Last year's clothing drive was extremely successful as we were able distribute many warm winter clothing items to members of the Kanata community in need, as well as to children in schools within the Ottawa area. If you have gently used snowsuits, jackets, socks, mitts and hats that you no longer need (in any size - baby to adult), please send them in and we will be happy to collect and distribute these items to those in need.

We thank you in advance for your continued generosity in helping our school community and beyond!

Halloween bake sale is on Monday the 31st. Please send in Loonies or Toonies with your child so they may purchase a Halloween treat. Nut-free items are available. 

Students are invited to wear their costumes to school or to dress in orange and black. No scary or inappropriate costumes are allowed. School will not be responsible for lost or damaged items. 
Tuesday Nov. 1st--Parent Meeting at St Isidore’s Parish at 7:00 PM for Grade 2 students completing their Sacraments

Hello Georges Vanier Community, 

We Scare Hunger
The Social Justice Club members have been busy organizing for the start of the Georges Vanier's annual "We Scare Hunger Food Drive" from Monday Oct 24th until Tues November 1st.  
Last year, our food drive was very successful with a collection of 900 food items for the Kanata Food Cupboard. Our goal this year is to meet and potentially exceed that amount! We hope you can help us to reach our goal! Should you wish to contribute, please send in any non-perishable food items to the school over the next week. 

The Grade Threes participated in a workshop where they learned about the Rosary and each student got the opportunity to create one for their own personal use.  Most students are now able to access Dreambox math learning through the school chromebooks, however some student identifications are still being worked out by Dreambox Learning.  Halloween is coming soon and students are allowed to wear/bring a costume to school on the 31st.  Please see costume guidelines on our school website - ie. no costume weapons of any kind, or full face masks.  Children who do not wish to wear their costume to school may dress in orange and black.  In Health we will be discussing Teeth and Oral Hygiene.  The word wall words for each grade level are listed below and students will be writing some spooky stories in the next few days.  In Mathematics we will be working on Measurement activities involving millimeters, centimeters, decimeters, meters and kilometers. 

Week starting with October 24th
Grade Two word wall words - rain, drink, didn't, don't, will
Grade Three word wall words -- when, where, who, with, won’t

I would like to welcome Henry and Noah to our grade 2/3 classroom!  The grade threes have been studying different types of soil, how rocks become soil and how water affects soil.  The grade two students have been involved with inquiries on why we need water and air to live.  The school book fair was a huge success!

Week starting with October 17th
Grade two student word wall words are:  friends, very, are, sports, small  
Grade three word wall words are:  to, very, was, went. what

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!  The Terry Fox Run/Walk on October 6th was a big success:)  Students have been working on Patterning in Mathematics and featured below are pictures of some of the patterns created. The Word Wall Words for this week (Tues. Oct.11th) are listed below.
Grade Two Words - children, black, make, can't, bug  
Grade Three Words -  off,  people, said,  school,  there


Patterning Pictures

 The grade three students enjoyed a wonderful workshop on Soils with the Scientists in School program.  Students were reintroduced to the chromebooks but we are having some difficulty with some student passwords and hope to have this rectified this week.  Our first set of Word Wall Words will be introduced on Oct. 3rd and students are asked to review and master the spelling of these words for homework during the week.  The Terry Fox Run will be happening on Thursday Oct. 6th and parents are asked to send in the pink permission form that was sent home to each family last week. 
Grade Two Words: they, said, was, have, because

Grade Three Words:  are, because, can’t, favourite, new

Check out some of the grade three's in action!


Our school photo day was on Tuesday, September 27th and Edge Imaging came to our school that day capturing everyone’s smiles. Edge provides a variety of photo options to capture your child’s true personality, preserving all their school day memories. For more information, please visit www.edgeimaging.ca for answers to frequently asked questions.

This will be our class website for the year so please be sure to add this to your favourites. Don't forget to check this site occasionally for any important updates and information. Please use this site throughout the year with your child.

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The students have had an excellent start to Grade Two/Grade Three. They are very
busy doing many “Getting to Know You” activities, and the students are settling into classroom routines nicely.  A newsletter was sent home on the first day of school and if you did not receive it, please check the newsletter section of this website for an update on 
what will be going on in the weeks to come.

The Scientists in School Program will be coming soon to do a workshop for the Grade Three students on Soils, on 
Wednesday, September 27th. We will need  a few parent volunteers for this 
workshop. A note with more information will go home next week for parents who wish to sign up.
Thank you for completing and sending back the User Agreements and Student Verification forms.  

I am looking forward to meeting you at the Meet and Greet evening!
Dayna Bedecki