The students had a lot of fun during our Scientists in Schools workshop this week. A big thank you to the parents who came to help out with the stations. We could not do it without you!

Here are some pictures of the students at the stations learning about what makes structures strong and stable.

Working in our stations

After the students visited each station, their group had to then construct a bridge using newspaper and masking tape. Their bridge had to go over an area of water and hold at least 3 of our hardcover math textbooks. Here are some pictures of them collaborating to build their bridges.

Building our bridges

Finally, the bridges were tested. The students were anxious to see how many math books their bridge could hold. Many of the bridges surpassed the 3 textbooks test and made it to 8 textbooks. Well done! Have a look at the videos.

Videos- testing bridges

A big thank you to the Ottawa Citizen for donating 100 newspapers for our workshop!

January has flown by. Where does the time go?
Here are some of the things we are working on:

Homework duotangs will go home on Monday, February 5th. The students will have a week and a half to complete the assigned sheets. Please encourage your child to finish their work and hand it in on the due date. The first set of sheets will be due on Wed. Feb. 14th. Many of the sheets will be EQAO practice sheets as well as concepts that need review. 

Language Arts:
We have been working hard on learning how to write a quality written reading response. The class came up with the following success criteria to help as a guide. The students will have a copy of this pasted in the inside cover of the green homework duotang. Please remind your child to refer to it when answering the two short answer questions that go with the reading text. Thanks for your support!

Success Criteria for a Quality Written Reading Response

- use words from the questions in your answer, don't start with    

   because    Luke

-use details from the text (proof)    Zoe

-use your own ideas to support the answer (sometimes)    Holly and Ciarra

-use proper punctuation (commas, periods) and capitals    Kenaniah and Luke

-use proper spelling and grammar    Layla

-go back and reread parts of the text before answering the question    Ava

-when finished, reread your answers to make sure they make sense    Nicole

The students are busy writing descriptive texts and have learned how to use commas in a series, with dates and places. Next, we will focus on using quotation marks.

The students have just finished the Data Management unit. Our next unit is on Measurement. Students will be measuring lengths in centimetres and metres. We will also be discussing that long distances are measured in kilometres. Students need to know that 100cm = 1m and that 1000m = 1km 
Here are some benchmarks the students can review:
  • their finger is about 1cm wide 
  • the doorknob on the classroom door is about 1m from the floor
  • it takes 15 minutes to walk 1km, 10 minutes to rollerblade 1km and 5 minutes to bike 1km.
The students will also be measuring perimeter and area.

Last week, we began looking at multiplication. The students were introduced to the 2, 5 and 10 times tables.
We will be looking at the 0, 1 and 3 times tables next. The grade 3 expectation is to multiply to 7 x 7, using a variety of mental strategies (e.g., doubles, doubles plus another set, skip counting). I have attached a few videos the students can view to help them learn their tables (the 3 times table is my favourite!). The addition and subtraction Karate quizzes we did before before Christmas will now switch to multiplication quizzes. We will look at division a little late in the year. 

Our next unit is on Structures. We will have Scientists in Schools come and do a workshop on March 7th. During this workshop, the students will try and build a strong and sturdy bridge made of newspapers. Their bridges must be able to support 3 math textbooks!  An information sheet will go home in a few weeks time as we will need some parent volunteers. Thank you in advance for your support!

Family Life
A letter went home last week about our next unit "Created Sexual: Male and Female". In this theme we will:
  • read a story about the Carson family, who have four children, and learn more about life before birth, and how all of a baby's needs are met in the uterus.
  • discover that life begins at the moment of conception as a single cell.
  • explore the amazing growth and development of babies in their first year of life.
Terms used in Grade 2 (sperm, ovum, cell, sac, umbilical cord) are reviewed in Gr. 3, and the term conception is introduced.

In unit 3, Born of the Spirit, the students explore how the Holy Spirit is revealed through scriptures, sacraments, and the mass. They will also learn about the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit. They will develop an understanding that the Holy Spirit is always with us. Their actions and words reveal that the Holy Spirit is at work in their lives. 

Most of the students have performed their fractured fairy tale puppet play. We have one more group who needs to perform (we are waiting to find a day when no one from that group is absent). 

Puppet Plays

Valentine's Day is fast approaching. Here is a list of the 
students in our class. 

Markus   Lucas    Callum     Alexa    Layla    
Isabelle    Chloe    Holly    Tijs    Ciarra    Ava   
Kenaniah    Noah    Nicole    Robyn    Maeva    
Tyler    Zoe    Zachary    Luke    Joey

    This week, some ladies from St. Patrick's Parish and St. Isidore's Parish came to our class to teach us the importance of praying the rosary. The ladies helped the students make their own rosaries and taught them how to pray the rosary. Each student was given a pamphlet with all the prayers needed when praying the rosary. The rosaries will stay at school until Father Virgil blesses them. Here are some pictures of our day:

Rosary Making

Bullying Awareness Week - November 20th-24th
We read books and discussed the definition of what bullying is.
These are the key points discussed:
R=Repeated often to the same person or different people

A=An imbalance of power

P=Purposeful with the intent to make fun of, embarrass, or exclude others

 We  talked about ways to deal with bullies and how we can put a stop to bullying!

Our class has made Anti-bullying t-shirts. The students used the app Tellagami and recorded why Anti-bullying is important . Take a look! 


Here are some art projects we have recently completed:

The students' artwork shows a contrast between the warm and the cool colours. The students used oil pastels to complete this art - beautiful!

The students learned that artists use foreground, middleground and background to create depth in their art. For this concept, we started out by taking photos using the iPads. The students took 5-6 photos and then chose their best photo showing foreground, middleground and background. 

Foreground, Middleground, Background

Next, the students painted a field of poppies. The poppies in the front are larger than the others to make them look closer. The poppies are gradually getting smaller to show they are further away. 

Field of Poppies

Language Arts: Visualization
I have been reading the novel "Goblins in the Castle" to the students. For the first 4 chapters, I would not show the cover of the book to the students as it has a picture of the main characters on it. The author writes a very good description of one of the characters, Igor. I read this part over several times and had the students visualize what they thought Igor looked like. Here are their pictures. The last two pictures are what the illustrator drew in the book.

Visualization "Igor"


We are starting our geometry unit this week. This unit has a lot of vocabulary the students need to know. A list of definitions will be sent home Tues. Nov. 14th. Please remind your child to review these words. 
The students will have a geometry test the week of Dec. 11-15th.

Here are a few videos to help students learn the geometry vocabulary.

Students are encouraged to do Dreambox. Login information is taped on the inside cover of the agendas.

The month of October is flying by. Here are a few things the students are working on.

We have come to the end of our Soils unit. The students will have a test next week. The science duotangs will go home later this week so the students can review their notes. 

We have finished our place value unit. We have started activities on patterning. Students are identifying the pattern core of a given pattern and describing how the pattern is changing (size, colour, shape, position, number, thickness). We have also been reviewing adding with regrouping and we will soon review subtracting with regrouping as well.

  • Next week, the students will start doing Karate quizzes. The students will be completing the quizzes every two weeks (approximately). One side is addition facts and the other is subtraction. The students will have 5 minutes to complete each side. Depending on their score, they can receive coloured belts - black belt being the highest belt. I have told the students not to be discouraged if they do not finish the quiz, that the goal is to do better with each quiz. Later, these Karate quizzes will switch to multiplication and division questions. Please encourage your child to review addition and subtraction facts at home and ask your child to explain some strategies they know to help them find the answers. ( Doubles : 7+7=14  /  Doubles plus one:  if 7+7=14 then 7+8 is just one more /  Think base ten : 9+8=? if 10+8=18 then 9+8 is just one less etc.). The Karate quizzes will be sent home for signing so you can see your child's progress.

Language Arts 
We have been identifying the features of nonfiction books and learning how these help the reader (table of contents, glossary, index, bold words etc.). We will be comparing nonfiction and fiction books -how they are similar and how they are different.
Next, we will be studying what makes a quality written reading response and the students will be writing a procedural text. 

The students are very excited that Hallowe'en will soon be here.
 If you are sending treats for the students to share, please ensure they are nut free. Thank you.
Students are invited to wear their costumes to
school or to dress in Orange and Black on
Tuesday, October 31st. Please ensure that the
costume is easy to remove and requires
minimal to no make up while at school.
● No scary or inappropriate costumes are permitted. (scary clowns
are banned) No masks, replica of weapons, and respectful of one
another's cultures.
● Make sure costumes are indoor friendly.
● The school will not be held responsible for lost or missing parts.

This will be our class website for the year so please be sure to add this to your favourites. The students will write a note in their agendas when new information has been added to the website for you to look at.  Please use this site throughout the year with your child. 

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The students have had a couple of busy days in Grade Three. They have been doing many “Getting to Know You” activities. This is just a brief outline to let you know what will be going on in the weeks to come.

Our beginning Science and Technology unit is on Soils. Our grade 3 scientists will be collecting different soil samples from the school yard and looking to see if they contain organic matter such as bugs, leaves, twigs etc.  The Scientists in School Program will be coming to do a workshop on Soils later this month. At that time, we will need 4 to 5 parent volunteers for this workshop. A note will go home for parents who wish to sign up.

The Language focus for the first few weeks will on Word Wall Words (WWW), review of sentence structure, paragraph writing, and recount writing. New Word Wall Words will be written each week in the agenda. Please encourage your child to read these words nightly. They can also try to find these words in the books they are reading or find rhyming words.

The first couple of months, the Mathematics program focuses on Patterning and Place Value. Students will look for patterns on the hundreds chart and the addition chart. They will be modelling 2 and 3 digit numbers, comparing and ordering numbers, estimating sums and differences and adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers.

The first theme in Family Life explores some of the ways in which each person is unique and irreplaceable, yet shares a common human nature with all others. In Religion the focus is on gathering together as a class: learning each other’s names, getting acquainted, and gathering our hopes and dreams for the year. 

I am looking forward to meeting you at the Meet and Greet evening later this month..


Lucie Guitard


Other items:

“Classroom Money”

“Classroom money” will be used to assist the students in recognizing coins/bills and counting various money amounts. This week, the students will each decorate an envelope which will be their “wallet” to store classroom money. Students will be rewarded with classroom money for showing kindness, good behaviour and for following classroom rules. Fridays is “trade day”. Students will count their money and trade smaller coins for larger coins or bills (example: a student can trade 4 quarters for a loonie). On Fridays, students may also use the money they have saved up to purchase items from our list. The list includes things such as inviting a friend for lunch- $4.00, chewing gum for the day – $6.50 and sitting in the teacher’s desk for a day- $9.00. The students are very eager to start saving their money.


Please remember to check for notes and upcoming events in the agenda. Also, please initial the agenda each night. Students are given a small sticker each day the agenda is signed. Students receive "classroom money" if they have 5 small stickers at the end of the week. Please encourage your child to be responsible for his/her agenda and have them ask you to sign it. Agendas should always be kept in the Ziploc bags to protect them from water and/or juice spills.


The students are encouraged to bring in their own headphones to use with the school Chromebooks and iPads. I have some headphones available for the children who are not able to bring some in. All headphones will be stored in Ziplock bags and labelled with each student's name. 

Homework -  Homework information will be given in a couple of weeks. For now, homework consists of getting to bed earlier than summer hours bedtime and being well rested for each day.

Scheduled Subjects

Phys. Ed. – Tuesdays and Thursdays (2nd block)


Students are allowed to bring food to be warmed up in the microwave. Please only send items that take 30 seconds to 1 minute to warm up as many students may be waiting in line. 

*Plastic forks, spoons, and paper plates would be appreciated as many students forget to bring these items. Also, packages of baby wipes help for quick clean-up of messy glue jobs or sticky food spills.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to write a note in your child's agenda.


L. Guitard