Nov. 5th, 2018 (sent home)

Dear Parents,

Our grade three class will need parent volunteers for Scientists in Schools and our Swim to Survive program, both coming up in December. If you would like to help out, please be advised that volunteers are now required to have a police check. This could take a couple of weeks. If you require a form from the school to cover the cost of the police check, please let me know and I will send one home.

Thank you,

Mrs. Guitard

Sept. 10th (sent home)

Mrs. Guitard’s Grade 3 Class                              

Routines, Schedules and Homework

“Classroom Money”

We are using “classroom money” to assist the students in recognizing coins/bills and counting various money amounts. Students have each decorated an envelope which will be their “wallet” to store classroom money. Students are rewarded with classroom money for showing kindness, good behaviour and for following classroom rules. Fridays is “trade day”. Students will count their money and trade smaller coins for larger coins or bills (example: a student can trade 4 quarters for a loonie). On Fridays, students may also use the money they have saved up to purchase items from our list. The list includes things such as inviting a friend for lunch- $4.00, chewing gum for the day – $6.50 and sitting in the teacher’s desk for a day- $9.00. The students are very eager to start saving their money.


Reading Logs

Starting next week, reading logs will go home nightly with a classroom book of the student's choice. Please have your child write the name of the book he/she has read in the reading log and initial it. Each entry in the folder should be at least 10-15 minutes of reading. If students are reading chapter books, these may be recorded in the reading log. Simply write the name of the book and the chapters read. When the students have completed one side of the sheet, they will be rewarded with "classroom money". Books should be returned to school daily even if they have not been read.

*Donations of small toys for the toy bin are always appreciated.


Please remember to check for notes and upcoming events. Also, please initial the agenda each night. Students are given a small sticker each day the agenda is signed. Students receive "classroom money" if they have 5 small stickers at the end of the week. Please encourage your child to be responsible for his/her agenda and have them ask you to sign it. Agendas should always be kept in the Ziploc bags to protect them from water and/or juice spills. (Please do not remove the paperclip that students use to mark the page we are on in the agenda.)



1.      Words of the week – these are sight words that the students should be able to recognize and read easily.  If they can be easily read, the students can work on memorizing the spelling. The students will print the word wall words in their agendas at the beginning of each week.

2.      Read! Read! Read! Read books from the classroom, the library, from home. Have the students record what they have read in their reading log.

3.      Math: Dream Box will be used again this year. As soon as login information is ready, it will be taped into the front of your child’s agenda.  If you have any problems logging in from home, let me know.  Please encourage your child to work in Dream Box each week (30min-60min).

4.      Later in the year, some EQAO preparation and practice activities will be sent home for homework.

The goal of homework is to reinforce concepts learned in school and allow parents a window into their child’s learning and progress.  It is up to each family to decide how to schedule the homework, based on their own needs and preferences.  If you have any questions or concerns about homework, please let me know. 

Additional Homework Ideas

·Have your child re-tell a story in sequence. Talk about the characters, setting (where and when), problem and solution.

· Ask your child to make up a sentence, using a certain word. Suggest ways the sentence can be improved; e.g. by adding describing words (adjectives), making the action word (verb) more exciting.

· Have your child read various traffic signs. Discuss shapes, colours, edges, etc..

· Keep a journal and write simple sentences about science, math, and daily activities with emphasis on punctuation.

· Go on nature walks, discuss shapes, numbers, changes, colours, etc..

· When shopping, discuss prices, patterns, differences, weights, sizes, groups (e.g. 12 eggs) and comparisons.

· When cooking or baking, discuss measurements (mL, L, grams) and portions (fractions of a cup).

·  Drill addition and subtraction facts orally.


Scheduled Subjects

Phys. Ed. – Wednesdays and Fridays

Library -  Thursdays


Students are allowed to bring food to be warmed up in the microwave. Please only send items that take 30 seconds to 1 minute to warm up as many students may be waiting in line. 

*Plastic forks, spoons, and paper plates would be appreciated as many students forget to bring these items. Also, packages of baby wipes help for quick clean-up of messy glue jobs or sticky food spills.

Thank you so much for your support and cooperation. Please feel free to contact me by note or phone if ever you have any questions or concerns.

Mrs. Guitard


Welcome to Grade Three                             Sept. 4th, 2018  (sent home)


We have had a great start to third grade!  I am pleased to be teaching your child this year, my 29th September at Georges Vanier!  


This first week is an important one. We are getting to know one another, building trust and relationships. We began the first day with many getting to know you activities that help build comfort and a sense of ease with one another. Today, your child has brought home a “Getting to Know Me” bag. Students are to place 5 items in the bag that tell us something about themselves. Please have the bags returned by Friday as the students will present their bags/items to their classmates.


Our first Math unit, is “Patterns in Number and Place Value”. Students will look for patterns on the hundreds chart. They will be comparing and ordering numbers, as well as modelling 2 and 3 digit numbers using Base Ten materials.


In Language, the focus for this month is on review of sentence structure and paragraph writing.  Students will write new Word Wall Words in their Agendas each week. These are common words that students should be able to recognize and read on sight. Please encourage your child to read these words nightly. Reading logs will be sent home later this month.


Next week, we will launch our Science unit on “Soils” by digging in the dirt and examining soil samples, differentiating between sand, clay and silt.


The first theme in Family Life explores some of the ways in which each person is unique and irreplaceable yet, shares a common human nature with all others. In Religion, students will be learning what it means to be part of a Catholic Community.


Please check and initial your child’s Agenda each evening. Students will be responsible for writing any important events in the Agenda.  Notes and letters can either be found in the clear pocket at the front of the Agenda or paperclipped in the Agenda. Please note: If your child normally takes the bus at the end of the day and you wish to pick them up instead, please write a note in your child’s agenda on that day. Calling the office to advise of a pick up should be a last resort. It can be difficult for the office to let the teacher know as the office is a busy place, especially if you call after 3:15pm.

Looking fo
rward to a great year!

Lucie Guitard

Welcome back! I'm looking forward to meeting all the new students and their parents on the first day of  school. Have a great long weekend!