The school year is almost at an end. We've had a wonderful school year! 
The students want to have a party on the last day of school. Students may bring board games or devices to school on this day. Also, if the students would like to bring treats to share with the class, please keep in mind they must be nut free. Thank you.

For some end of year fun, my daughter Danielle came and demonstrated some chemistry experiments with the students. 
The students put their hands in goo (cornstarch and water). When they squeezed it, it was a solid but when they released their hold, the goo became a liquid. Here are some pictures of it:


The students had a chance to then go outside and test out some canister rockets. Each film canister had baking powder in it. Then water was added and the cap placed onto it. Within a few seconds the gas created shot the caps off. Here is a video:


The last few experiments involved liquid nitrogen. Marshmallows were placed in the liquid nitrogen. The students then were able to take a "frozen marshmallow" and eat it. Here are some videos:


Some flowers were also placed in the liquid nitrogen for a few seconds. The students then hit the flowers against the table and the flowers shattered. Have a look:




For the last experiment, Danielle poured boiling water into the liquid nitrogen. Look what happens:


The students had a lot of fun during these experiments!

Last Friday, my daughter came to our class for a Let's Talk Science lesson on plants. The students learned about the biodiversity of plants. They discussed the needs of plants and seeds. The students then chose a bean seed (Blue Jay, Dragon Tongue, Ruby Burgundy) and planted it. They also planted a Morning Glory seed.  Here are some pictures:

Let's Talk Science - Plants

Georges Vanier is participating in the Plastic Bag Challenge. 
Last Friday, my daughter came to our class for a Let's Talk Science lesson on plants. The students learned about the biodiversity of plants. They discussed the needs of plants and seeds. The students then chose a bean seed (Blue Jay, Dragon Tongue, Ruby Burgundy) and planted it. They also planted a Morning Glory seed.  Here are some pictures:

Let's Talk Science - Plants

More indoor recess fun:

Parents are reminded to check the school cash online as there are many new items available for purchase (GV Spirit Wear, hot dog lunches, next term pizza, next term popcorn and transportation to St. Isidore Church May 4th)

  • Parents also need to sign the permission form (by May 3rd) on school cash online to allow their child to ride the bus.

Our school Lenten collection starts this week. Students in grade 3 are asked to bring toothpaste and toothbrushes. All items collected will be donated to the Shepherds of Good Hope.

We are currently studying 3D Geometry. Here are some pictures of the students making 3D shapes/nets using various materials. Students were encouraged to discuss the number of edges, vertices and faces their shapes had.

Building 3D shapes

Last week we had our Structures workshop with Scientists in Schools. The students had a great time. The classroom was set up into 5 stations. At each station, the students learned a different technique to make structures more stable and/or durable. The final task was to construct a bridge using only newspapers and masking tape. The bridge had to span an area of water (a piece of construction paper) and it needed to support 3 math textbooks. Here are some pictures of the students during the workshop.
A big thank you to all the  parents who came to help out. We could not run the stations without you.

Students at the stations:

Scientists Structures

Students (and parents) busy at work building their bridges:

Building our bridges

Will the bridges meet the 3 math textbook challenge? Yes! All the bridges were able to support 3 textbooks!

Testing our bridges

Students enjoying indoor recess:

Indoor recess fun

We have been working hard on learning how to write a quality written reading response. The class came up with the following success criteria to help as a guide. The students will have a copy of this pasted in the inside cover of the orange homework duotang. Please remind your child to refer to it when answering the two short answer questions that go with the reading text. Thanks for your support!

Quality Written Reading Response

A quality written reading response must:

o   include words from the question and not

just write because  (Dawson)

o    prove the answer with examples from the text  (Mhairi)

o   add details and their own ideas (Erika W)

o   stay on topic and makes sense (Talia)

o   be written neatly – best printing (Mhairi)

o   use proper punctuation and capitals (Erika C)

o   use proper spelling and grammar (Madeliene and Maude)

Winter Carnival is next week. Here are the events:

Monday: February 20th - Family Day- No Schoolkindnessweek.jpg

Tuesday:February 21st  Moustache Day and Favourite Jersey Day

  Let’s have some fun by showing up with our best moustache. Get creative by making an awe inspiring moustache out of paint or paper. Brace yourself! It will be the hairiest day of the year.

Also, do have a sports jersey that you love to wear? Wear your jersey to school and represent YOUR team with pride!

Wednesday:February 22nd  Pajama Day

The students are welcome to get cozy by wearing their pajamas and slippers. They may also bring a small stuffed animal.

Thursday:February 23rd    Crazy Hair Day and Hat Day.

This is your chance to show off your craziest hair do or to wear your favourite hat to school without having your teacher tell you to take it off!

Friday: February 24th    Winter Carnival, Board Games, and Georges Vanier Spirit Wear Day

During first and second block, the outdoor games will take place for students from grade 1-6 (weather permitting).  All students are reminded to dress appropriately for outdoor play (e.g. warm winter coat, snow pants, warm socks and boots, hat, neck-warmer and mitts).  It is also sport jersey day so wear your favourite team jersey. The students will have lunch as usual in the school.  

During third block, the children are asked to bring in an educational game to enjoy with their classmates.

Please wear your Georges Vanier Spirit Wear or dress in our school colours, red and white! Go Generals!



Kindness Week

To celebrate and promote kindness

in our Georges Vanier School community, the members of the Social Justice Club have made kindness pencils and rainbow loom bracelets to be sold and distributed February 21-24. Students from the Social Justice Club will be visiting classrooms at lunchtime next week, and students can purchase items for a donation of $1.00 each.

All money donated will go towards different Free the Children initiatives we will support this year.

We have started our Karate quizzes. The students will be completing the quizzes every two weeks (approximately). One side is addition and the other is subtraction. The students have 5 minutes to complete each side. Depending on their score, they can receive coloured belts - black belt being the highest belt. I have told the students not to be discouraged if they do not finish the quiz, that the goal is to do better with each quiz. Later, these Karate quizzes will switch to multiplication and division questions. Please encourage your child to review addition and subtraction facts at home and ask your child to explain some strategies they know to help them find the answers. (Doubles - 7+7=14,  Doubles plus one-  if 7+7=14 then 7+8 is just one more, think base ten - 9+8=? if 10+8=18 then 9+8 is just one less etc.). The Karate quizzes will be sent home for signing so you can see your child's progress. 

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a happy and restful holiday.

We have many activities coming up in the new year.

Science - Our next unit in Science is Forces. Later this month, we have a Scientists in Schools workshop (Thursday, January 26th). A note went home on Monday asking for volunteers.  Thank you to the parents who have responded already to come that day. We could not run the workshop without you! All parents will be welcome to come. Having more than one parent at the stations helps the stations run more smoothly.

    At the beginning of February, the grade 3's will take part in the Swim to Survive Program. This program has been developed to ensure that Grade 3 children in Ontario learn basic survival skills and could survive an unexpected fall into deep water. We are looking forward to these sessions which will take place at the Goulbourn Recreation Pool in Stittsville. Students will need to bring a bathing suit and a towel to these sessions. Please place these items in a plastic bag so items in the school bag don't get wet after the swimming sessions. Last year when the students attended, the instructors had mentioned that having goggles (if possible) would help the students. Also, girls with long hair need to have it tied back into a ponytail or braid. 
Permission sheets will go home with the students today - Tues. Jan. 10th. Please sign and return the forms by Friday, January 27th.
Any parents who wish to come with us are more than welcome. We have lots of room on the bus or you can meet us there (Goulbourn Recreation Pool - Stittsville).
The 3 sessions are on Friday, Feb, 3rd, 10th and 24th.  

Homework duotangs will be sent home shortly. The duotangs will be sent home every 2 weeks with worksheets for the students to complete. Many of these sheets will be EQAO practise sheets. Please have your child bring back the duotang as soon as the work is done so I can begin correcting them - thank you!

Math - We have started the Data Management unit. The students will look at Venn Diagrams, circle graphs, pictographs, and bar graphs. We will be using comparative math language to discuss the data. We will also begin multiplication (0, 1, 2, and 5 times tables).  I have attached a few videos the students can view to help them learn their tables. 

Language Arts - The students have been doing many forms of writing in their free writing notebooks. We are writing narrative stories now.  Our next form of writing will be Procedural Writing. 
The students are reading stories and answering comprehension questions.  We will continue to look at Quality Written Reading Responses.
Levelled books are continuing to go home nightly. Please remind your child to read their books and return them to class.

Religion - The students have made Picolage posters for the Gospel Value: Dignity of Persons. These posters show what each person needs to lead a good life. The students have also made paper badges and listed their hopes and dreams for the Gospel Value - Hope. 
We celebrated the weeks of Advent and focused on the story of the Nativity. In small groups, the students wrote scripts for the Nativity story, made paper puppets and performed their plays to the class.
Our next unit is Born of the Spirit.


Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas holiday!

Today, the students had a science presentation on our next unit "Forces". My children, Danielle and Eric, are students at the University of Ottawa. They do volunteer work for a program offered at the University called "Let's Talk Science". Danielle and Eric came to our class and had the students make "Pom-pom Poppers" and "Balloon Cars". These activities demonstrate how forces can act upon objects. Here are some photos of the presentation.

Let's Talk Science - Forces

Students are reminded to complete one hour of Dreambox each week.

The students will have a geometry test the week of Dec. 12-16th.

Here are a few videos to help students learn the geometry vocabulary.

Bullying Awareness Week - November 14th - 18th
We read books and discussed the definition of what bullying is.
These are the key points discussed:
R=Repeated often to the same person or different people

A=An imbalance of power

P=Purposeful with the intent to make fun of, embarrass, or exclude others

 We  talked about ways to deal with bullies and how we can put a stop to bullying!

Hallowe'en picture of the students. They are very scary!

Here are events happening at Georges Vanier:

The Social Justice Club members have been busy organizing for the start of the Georges Vanier's annual "We Scare Hunger Food Drive" from Monday Oct 24th until Tues November 1st. Should you wish to contribute, please send in any non-perishable food items to the school over the next week. 

As the weather turns colder, many of us are sorting through our winter clothing. Please take note that Georges Vanier will be holding their Winter Clothing Drive from Thursday Nov 3rd until Friday Nov 11th. Last year's clothing drive was extremely successful as we were able distribute many warm winter clothing items to members of the Kanata community in need, as well as to children in schools within the Ottawa area. If you have gently used snowsuits, jackets, socks, mitts and hats that you no longer need (in any size - baby to adult), please send them in and we will be happy to collect and distribute these items to those in need.

  • Monday, October 31st - Halloween

  • Wear Costumes or Orange and Black -This year, students are permitted to wear their costumes at school. NO masks or scary clowns are permitted. Students may bring a treat to share with the class. All treats must clearly be labelled 'nut free'.

  • Thursday, November 3rd - $2 - Wear Your Favourite Jersey Day (proceeds go to United Way) Thank you for your donations!

  Last week, ladies from St. Patrick's Parish and St. Isidore's Parish came to our class to teach us the importance of praying the rosary. The ladies helped the students make their own rosaries and taught them how to pray the rosary. Each student was given a pamphlet with all the prayers needed when praying the rosary. The rosaries will stay at school until Father Virgil blesses them. Here are some pictures of our day:

Rosary making

This week is Walk (or Bike) to School Week at Georges Vanier. The international Walk or Bike to School Day is on Wednesday, Oct 5th

This Thursday, Oct. 6th, is our Terry Fox Run. Please ensure your child is wearing running shoes on this day. Hopefully the students were able to get lots of pledges for this worthy cause.

Please keep in mind that this Friday is a PD Day and the students do not come to school.

The students have a had a very busy month of September. Here are some pictures from our Scientists in Schools workshop we had on Wednesday, September 28th. The students had a lot of fun. Thank you again to the parents who came to volunteer. We could not run the program without you!

Soils - Scientists in Schools

This will be our class website for the year so please be sure to add this to your favourites. Don't forget to check this site occasionally for any important updates and information. Please use this site throughout the year with your child. 

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The students have had an excellent start to Grade Three. They are very busy doing many “Getting to Know You” activities. This is just a brief outline to let you know what will be going on in the weeks to come.

Our beginning Science and Technology unit is on Soils. Our grade 3 scientists will be collecting different soil samples from the school yard and looking to see if they contain organic matter such as bugs, leaves, twigs etc.  The Scientists in School Program will be coming to do a workshop on Soils on Wednesday, September 27th. We will need 4 to 5 parent volunteers for this workshop. A note will go home next week for parents who wish to sign up.

The Language focus for the first few weeks will on Word Wall Words (WWW), review of sentence structure, paragraph writing, and recount writing. New Word Wall Words will be written each week in the agenda. Please encourage your child to read these words nightly. They can also try to find these words in the books they are reading or find rhyming words.

 The first couple of months, the Mathematics program focuses on Patterning and Place Value. Students will look for patterns on the hundreds chart and the addition chart. They will be modelling 2 and 3 digit numbers, comparing and ordering numbers, estimating sums and differences and adding and subtracting 3 digit numbers.

The first theme in Family Life explores some of the ways in which each person is unique and irreplaceable, yet shares a common human nature with all others. In Religion the focus is on gathering together as a class: learning each other’s names, getting acquainted, and gathering our hopes and dreams for the year. 

I am looking forward to meeting you at the Meet and Greet evening next Wednesday, Sept. 21st (5:00-7:00).


Lucie Guitard


Other items:

“Classroom Money”

We are using “classroom money” to assist the students in recognizing coins/bills and counting various money amounts. Students have each decorated an envelope which will be their “wallet” to store classroom money. Students are rewarded with classroom money for showing kindness, good behaviour and for following classroom rules. Fridays is “trade day”. Students will count their money and trade smaller coins for larger coins or bills (example: a student can trade 4 quarters for a loonie). On Fridays, students may also use the money they have saved up to purchase items from our list. The list includes things such as inviting a friend for lunch- $4.00, chewing gum for the day – $6.50 and sitting in the teacher’s desk for a day- $9.00. The students are very eager to start saving their money.


Please remember to check for notes and upcoming events in the agenda. Also, please initial the agenda each night. Students are given a small sticker each day the agenda is signed. Students receive "classroom money" if they have 5 small stickers at the end of the week. Please encourage your child to be responsible for his/her agenda and have them ask you to sign it. Agendas should always be kept in the Ziploc bags to protect them from water and/or juice spills.


When using the Chromebooks and iPads in the classroom, I have headphones for students to wear when needed. If the students would like to bring in their own headphones from home that might be more comfortable, they are free to do so. We will store them in Ziplock bags in the classroom.


1.      Words of the week – these are sight words that you should be able to recognize and read easily.  If you can easily read them, work on memorizing the spelling.

2.      Read!  Read books from the classroom, the library, your home or Raz Kids (which we’ll let you know when it is up and ready to use). Please encourage your child to use the 5 Five Finger Rule which is pasted on the reading log (coming home soon). Students are then reading books that are at their “just right” independent reading level. Don’t forget to record the books in the reading log.

3.      Math: Dream Box is up and running. I will be giving the students their usernames and passwords by the end of the week. These will pasted at the front of the agenda.   If you have any problems logging in from home, let me know. Try to spend an hour on Dream Box each week.  That could be 15 minutes a night or 30 minutes twice a week – whatever suits you and your family.

4.      Later in the year, some EQAO preparation and practice activities will be sent home for homework.

The goal of homework is to reinforce concepts learned in school, and allow parents a window into their child’s learning and progress.  It is up to each family to decide how to schedule the homework, based on their own needs and preferences.  If you have any questions or concerns about homework, please let me know. 

Additional Homework Ideas

·Have your child re-tell a story in sequence. Talk about the characters, setting (where and when), problem and solution.

· Ask your child to make up a sentence, using a certain word. Suggest ways the sentence can be improved; e.g. by adding describing words (adjectives), making the action word (verb) more exciting.

· Have your child read various traffic signs. Discuss shapes, colours, edges, etc..

· Keep a journal and write simple sentences about science, math, and daily activities with emphasis on punctuation.

· Go on nature walks, discuss shapes, numbers, changes, colours, etc..

· When shopping, discuss prices, patterns, differences, weights, sizes, groups (e.g. 12 eggs) and comparisons.

· When cooking or baking, discuss measurements (mL, L, grams) and portions (fractions of a cup).

·  Drill addition and subtraction facts orally.

Scheduled Subjects

Phys. Ed. – Mondays and Wednesdays


Students are allowed to bring food to be warmed up in the microwave. Please only send items that take 30 seconds to 1 minute to warm up as many students may be waiting in line. 

*Plastic forks, spoons, and paper plates would be appreciated as many students forget to bring these items. Also, packages of baby wipes help for quick clean-up of messy glue jobs or sticky food spills.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to write a note in your child's agenda.


L. Guitard