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Welcome to the new website for Mrs. Rogan at Holy Redeemer Catholic School. 
This site will provide parents with information needed throughout the year. Please check back often for updates and information. 


                           Grade 1 February to June Newsletter


 Dear Parents,


Cake raffle for grade 6’s  trip- February 14. (tickets 1.00 each or 3 for $2.00)                            Reports go home February 16.     

Winter play day February 22

March Break week is March 13- 17.

Field trip May 9 - Bronson Centre


Our focus includes:



We will have various Lenten preparations, leading up to Holy Week and our celebration of Easter. For any grade two students, congratulations to all the children who celebrated their first Reconciliation.

Family Life

The Family Life unit 'Created Sexual: Male and Female' will be addressed in April. Please see the  April letter which will be sent home then, which describes the information covered in this unit.

Language Arts

 Grade 1 students will further develop their descriptive skills, sentence development and procedural writing.  For procedural writing, there are two methods are used a) numbers b) use the words first, next, then and lastly.  Please continue to read daily and work on sight words.  In class, after reading, we will work on how to answer comprehension questions.  Also, a book report will be assigned to the class.  We will also be reading and writing poems, as April is officially Poetry month.


Grade 1 -We will continue with our study of money (value and names of coins) and 3D shapes. They will continue to work on adding and subtracting word problems of whole numbers to 20.  Our measurement unit will include writing and telling time to the half hour for example 6:30, (digital and analogue).   We will continue with place value. The concept of linear measurement will also be introduced. In the strand, probability students will describe the likelihood that everyday events will occur using mathematical language (e.g., impossible, likely, certain, uncertain).  Pattern  attributes will also be reviewed.


Grade 1-We will begin a unit on “Understanding Life Systems” –Needs and characteristics of living things  that grow.  We will explore the role of humans on maintaining a healthy environment and needs of plants and animals.  Final unit is “Understanding Structures and Mechanisms”.  We will investigate structures that are built for a specific purpose to see the materials suit the purpose.  We will conclude this June unit with building “Tiny Town” which will be built in class.  Please start to save small containers, small boxes like shoe box, Kleenex box etc.  Thank you

The Arts

Following the completion of our dance unit, students will engage in dramatic play and role-play (e.g., retell/ reenact a story from different points of view).  Included will be an exploration of main ideas and central characters.


Physical Education/ Health

We will travel and change from one kind of locomotion/traveling movement to another (e.g., hopping to skipping).  Examples of good sportsmanship will be reviewed.  We continue to enjoy keeping our bodies in shape and play co-operative games.

Potential safety risks in the home and school settings are our focus. We continue to enjoy keeping our bodies in shape and to eat good healthy food.  In May, June, sun safety is discussed. (wear hats, sunscreen)


Learning Skills

The learning skills that we will be concentrating upon this term are Initiative and Self-Regulation.

Sample behaviours include:
-approaching new tasks with a positive attitude
- demonstrating curiosity and interest in learning
-seeking new opportunities for learning


-setting individual goals 

-persevering and making an effort when responding to challenges



Please continue to review - Word Wall Words, sight words.  Please continue to read daily. Adding and subtraction questions


-Please check with your child to see how their indoor shoes are fitting. With growth spurts, it may be time for a new pair. A reminder to have extra socks for the coming spring- often wet weather.

-We have a field trip to the Bronson Centre planned for Tuesday, May 9. Please mark this date on your calendar, as we maybe asking for volunteers to join us. (This depends on seat availability   and more information will follow.)    Grade one and two’s will be seeing a performance called “PigMania”.  We will leave the school in the morning and return around 2 o’clock?


Thank you for your ongoing support. It is a pleasure to work with such a wonderful group of children!

As always, please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions or concerns.



Mrs. Rogan

Grade One Teacher                


Holy Redeemer School