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Bienvenue dans notre salle de classe virtuelle!

Welcome to Our Grade 7 Homepage!

Students are encouraged to seek authentic situations this summer in order to continue improving oral communication and auditory comprehension. Students are also encouraged to read in French and keep a weekly journal in order to maintain/improve their writing skills. 


-1 Cartable d’un pouce

-Du papier ligné, des crayons, des stylos, une gomme à effacer, des crayons en couleurs et une boîte à mouchoirs pour la salle de classe.

-Des intercalaires (4) 1. Règles de grammaire
                                        2. Feuilles d’activités 
                                        3. Lecture 
                                        4. Quiz/test

-1 Duo Tang pour Religion 
-Dictionnaire Français/Anglais, Bescherelle.


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It is your child's responsibility to study for all evaluations, big or small. If he/she is uncertain of a given concept, he/she must seek assistance for clarification. Concepts are taught, reviewed and reinforced in class. It is your child's responsibility to complete all assigned homework and make the necessary corrections in his/her French binder when homework is collectively reviewed in class. For additional practice, your child may consult this website to reinforce understanding of a given concept by playing the on-line games that you can see to your left. Please visit this website regularly. It is updated on a daily basis. 

Thank you for being involved in your child's learning.



Notions grammaticales à l'étude.

Comment réussir à l’école???

Arrive à l’heure.

Sois bien préparé(e).

Écoute et respecte les autres.

Participe en classe.

Suis les directives/instructions.

Lève la main avant de parler.

Commence ton travail tout de suite.

Pose des questions si tu ne comprends pas.


Students are encouraged to read in French at least 5 minutes a day. They should also review grammatical concepts taught on a daily basis and are encouraged to complete on-line activities suggested to help deepen their understanding of concepts taught in class. 

Writing a personal daily journal will also help students 
consolidate grammatical concepts taught.   

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