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Mr. Vigliotti, Immaculata Inclusion Coordinator

Important Upcoming Events

Nov. 2/2017  Grade 7 and 8 Progress Reports Go Home

Nov. 2/2017 Immunizations for Grade 7s

Nov. 9/2017  Grade 7 and 8 Parent Interview Night

Early Dismissal Nov. 9th, 1:30

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Our School Board spiritual theme this year is "Sent to be Good News" from the Gospel of Luke. 


Our new new Spiritual Theme "Sent to be the Good News" enables our staff, students and community to dig deep in the Gospel to make real and meaningful connections with our everyday lives. The theme is inspired by the following passage:

The spirit of the Lord is on me, because he has anointed me to preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim freedom for the prisoners and recovery of sight for the blind, to release the oppressed, to proclaim the year of the Lord's favour.Gospel of Luke, 4:14-20

This passage calls for us to bring the Good News to all learners and their families, and to rediscover and deepen our commitment to the gift of faith in our lives.

September 2017 Welcome Letter for Grade 7s

Mr. Vigliotti would like to extend a warm welcome to the new students, parents and guardians who make up Immaculata's Grade 7 community. Grade 7 is a challenging year because there are many new routines to learn and live by. In an effort to smoothen this transition, I have put together the following newsletter outlining some of the things that will make your son/daughter successful this year.

Organization is key to having a successful year in Grade 7. It may be difficult for some of us in Grade 7 to remain organized due to the many subjects and teachers students will have this year in comparison to grade 6, so here are a few tips to help us out.

All grade 7 students should have with them a minimum of one binder wherein there should be a sufficient amount of lined paper, and dividers dividing all subjects (i.e. a section for Math, English, Religion, History, French etc.). It is important that you purchase enough pencils and lined paper at the start of the year so when we need more, we can get some from home as students have a tendency to lose them and go through them quickly.

Students are also expected to bring their agenda to all classes on a daily basis. This agenda will serve as a homework reminder tool, and as a communication tool between teachers and parents. 

Upcoming events will also be posted regularly on Mr. Vigliotti’s website. Please bookmark this site:


In addition to the agenda and the binder, it is essential that grade 7 students come to class each day prepared for learning with the following items: their course textbook, their binder, pencils, erasers, a ruler, a blue or red pen for corrections and underlining, and a good scientific calculator for Math. Please, do not go out and spend a fortune on a calculator. So long as the calculator has the power function, the squared, and square root function, you'll be ok! I will be going over these functions with the students in class. Walmart always has great, reliable ones in stock, and this should run you no more than $10. Try and get one with a "reset" button on the back. Sharp and Casio make great affordable ones. Together, we should stress that the students keep good care of these calculators and try their best not to lose them.

In closing, I wish to once again welcome you to Immaculata. Have faith in knowing that the teachers here will be dedicating a lot of time this fall assisting the students with their transition from Elementary to Intermediate, as we too look forward to a successful school year.


Mr. Vigliotti, Inclusion Coordinator

Tech Tools

Use technology to empower our students with the latest ed tools.

Free Online Tutoring

Make use of the province's free online Math Homework support program, at:
Requirement:  your OEN (Ontario Education Number) which is found on your report card and on your timetable.

Does your child have a homework plan?

Having a homework plan means your son/daughter has a designated time throughout the late afternoon/evening whereby he or she does his/her homework. It could be immediately after school, just before dinner or just after dinner. Students are also encouraged to have a weekend homework plan. For example, Friday nights, Saturday mornings, Sunday afternoon -- whatever works for you family!