We have already begun the last month of this school year. It has been a privilege to teach the students in both classes this year, and I wish them all the best. Please refer to the information provided regarding activities for our students this month. Happy Father's Day to the dads and grandfathers of all our students.

On Wednesday June 6th,  students will be participating in the St. Andrew track and field day. It will be a fun morning of physical activity for students. You will participate in 2 track events (100m and 200m) as well as 2 field events (ball throw and running long jump). The track and field events will take place in our own school yard as well as on the field adjacent to our property. You must wear appropriate clothing and footwear (running shoes) for physical activity. Sunscreen, a hat, and a water bottle are also a good idea. Our rain date for this event is Monday June 11th.

After checking this page, you're welcome to check the 'Information for Both Classes' page and specific updates for the class your child is part of (A.M. or P.M.).  This site is a tool for communicating information to families of students in both my morning and afternoon classes on a monthly basis.   
Additionally, please be aware that there are students in our classrooms with life-threatening allergies to the following: eggs, nuts and sesame (and all sesame by-products).  We appreciate your support and understanding, when packing your child's food for the school day.  Please note that another way that I use to communicate on a weekly basis is through twitter @chrisbuccini.  You are welcome to follow our learning using this method as well.  If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to communicate with me by phone (843-0050) or through the student agenda. 
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