Mr. Buccini's Site

We are now approaching the middle of this term of the school year, and we continue to grow as a group. This month's events include our school's Remembrance Day Ceremony and the grade four Bible Presentation (more information to follow).

This is a tool for communicating information to families of students in both my morning and afternoon classes. After checking this page, you're welcome to check the 'Information for Both Classes' page (including Sum it UP math review pages), and specific updates for the class your child is part of (A.M. or P.M.). Please note that another way that I will use to communicate on a weekly basis is through Remind. Select one of the links below. based on whether your child is in my morning or afternoon class to sign up (providing either a phone number you could be texted to, or an email).

(A.M. families)

(P.M. families)

This is another communication tool for me to inform parents with short messages. I will also occasionally use twitter @chrisbuccini . Also, the school twitter is now @StAndrewOCSB, and is linked to the old one.

Additionally, please be aware that there are students in our classrooms with life-threatening allergies to the following: shellfish and pine nuts . We appreciate your support and understanding, when packing your child's food for the school day. You are welcome to follow our learning using these methods as well. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to communicate with me by phone (843-0050), or using a note.