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Dear parents, guardians, students,

June is the last month of the school year! This month  we are discussing the summer and summer holidays. We will review all the sounds we learned this year as well as all the lists of vocabulary words. A booklet full of sounds is in the student's Grade 2 French duotang to help them out during summer.

In Grade 1 we will conclude our unit on "les personnes qui nous aident dans la communauté" and we will practise the sounds "é" and "on".

In Grade 2 , we continue practicing our sounds which are the key of Reading.

I would like to extend a big "Merci"  to all the parents and students for their support and practice in French this year with your child, and for making this school year a real success.

It has been a real pleasure to teach your loving children. During the year, we have learned a lot together.

Special thanks to the parents for helping your child at home on a regular basis with the vocabulary taught in class, the reading and the homework in French. Your every day support has been an awesome help to your child.

My littles Chouchous and Cocos, you were all amazing and it was a great pleasure having you this year! 

I  wish you a safe, great, restful and wonderful summer vacation!

Bonnes vavances! Amusez-vous bien! (Have fun!)

Merci beaucoup!

Mme MC

Happy Mother's day!

Devoirs will be sent home this coming Thursday!

Dear parents, guardians and students, 

Bonne semaine de relâche! Happy March Break!

Devoirs for the next two weeks were sent home in the devoirs yellow duotang.


Mme MC

Dear parents, guardians and students, 

Our school has purchased a license for Lecture Enfants, which is an online French reading program. The books come with audio and pictures. They are levelled to fit your child's reading needs. These books are also suitable for French as a Second Language learners. For access to French levelled audio books, go to:

Your child can read independently by listening to the audio books to help with pronunciation. As they progress through the books they will move through the levels. Your child should be able to read, pronounce and understand the books before moving on to the next level.

We recommend that your child begin at reading skills level 1, and sight words. This will provide a base for your child to learn french phonics. Once your child is comfortable and fluent with these two levels, they can begin with "Ananas" or “Bateau” then continue on to “Canard” and “Dauphin” etc.

Username: gv
Password: bravo


Our kids, enjoying learning French!

Notre table de prière (Our prayer table)

Septembre, 2016

Dear Parents, guardians and Students,

Welcome/Bienvenue to a new school year! 

I hope that you and your family had a fabulous and awesome summer! I'm so excited to have your child in my French class this year! I look forward to getting to know a little more about your child, and what I can do to help you child have a meaningful year.
Homework will consist of practice and review of learned vocabulary and concepts taught in class.
Each Fridaythe students will bring home their yellow
homework devoirs duo-tang and it is expected to be 
returned on Thursday.

If you have any question, please, do not hesitate to
contact me by phone at the school 613-592-2738,
or by email
I'm looking forward to working with both you and your child throughout the school year! 
You will find many helpful links on this site to help you out.

Thank you for your support!
Have fun learning French this school year!

Mme MC 
Your partner in Education.

(Our word tree) Notre arbre de vocabulaire

Useful expressions in our classroom



Horaire/Shedule - Mme MC

Block  1:  R. Stratford/ R. Damiano, Gr. 1
Block  2:  K. Weber, Gr. 1

Block  3:  S. Fields, Gr. 1

Block  4: S" Howell/ A. Laberge, Gr. 2

O Canada!