Ayez des rêves et travaillez très fort pour les réaliser!
Mais surtout, faites des choses que vous aimez parce qu’alors,
les efforts pour les atteindre paraîtront moins exigeants.
(Julie Payette, astronaute)
Bienvenue à mon site web!
Welcome to my web site!
You will find important all class plans and homework in my planbook, click here to view!!

Important note on language:  All of my courses are instructed 100% in french.  Core french classes have the goal of nurturing the bilingual spirit and as such instruction will always be in french.  Students who need additional instructions in English will receive that support, but the expectation is that all communications and assessments will take place in french. 
(Instructions on this site will often be in both languages to support full understanding of all family members)

Important note on technology expectations: Student's are encouraged to bring technology to class, we will use it often.  If they don't bring technology and it is part of a lesson I will always provide a chromebook for that student. As mentioned, technology is welcomed.  However a few guidelines have been made clear to student's

1)  Phones must be on silent when entering class

2)  Phones must only be engaged with in any way when in designated times

3)  Music is often allowed during individual work as long as the student has headphones.  Students may not share headphones/music with others. 

Please take a look at the useful links page (liens utiles) for helpful links.