Nouvelles de la classe de français

Chers parents,

In Grade 3, we have been busy learning about Ontario in the past. Students now know that the Aboriginal people - First Nations and Inuit - were the first to leave on the territory that is now our province, Ontario. They also know that about 500 years ago people that we refer to as Pioneers came from Europe and settled in Ontario. We have also been working on developing an understanding of verbs in general, of verb groups and the various forms in the present tens. 

        Grade 3 - Learning Goal                                            Verb's "Activators"                                            The present tense of the "naughty" verbs


In Grade 2, we have been learning about the Earth (la Terre), its seven continents and the many countries around the world. We have been practicing making full sentences and using two verb constructions (i.e. Je veux manger, Je peux danser, Je dois aller, J'aime chanter etc.)

            Grade 2 Learning Goal                                         Double verb construction

The evaluation based on "Comment y aller?" and the results of the quizzes on sounds and writing will go home this week. When you receive them, please sing/initial and send it back. 


Mme Mihail