The digital generation has grown up in a hypermediated environment where sound and images, movement and text all interplay to convey messages. The internet is a multimodal space where one must develop interpretation skills (multiliteracies) to decipher these messages at an ever increasing rate. It might seem like reverse engineering for today's reader to isolate one set of skills such as unraveling the meaning of text on paper. But to deny the use of clues provided by images in combination with text seems like a step backwards. The effort demanded and the time needed to simply learn to read using only one mode (text) cannot compete with the rich environment of multimodal messages. So we have arrived at this place, this viewpoint. From here it seems that an old reading medium, the graphic novel, is just the right tool to engage the reluctant reader by providing opportunities to use the more complex literacy skills that hallmark the digital generation.

Catherine Gagnon - ETEC 540 (Miller), November 2009


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