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In an effort to care for our environment, I have designed this website to pass along all pertinent information in lieu of sending paper copies.  This site will allow you to stay up-to-date on what is going on in our class.  You can also find useful information and websites to help support your child's learning.
Any new information will be added weekly and a newsletter will be added periodically.  

Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.  

                                                                             Chinese Proverb

Kindness Week!
Please find below a slide show (entitled Program Night) highlighting relevant information.
Word Wall Words (WWW)
We will focus on the following Word Wall Words this week (the week Nov. 19th).
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your  good  very  by   come  

Weekly Highlight
The Week of:  Nov. 19
  • Kindness Week!
  • PJ Day Friday (donation of $2 for United Way is appreciated)
  • in math we will be focusing on collecting and sorting data (information)
  • we begin new literacy centers
  • in science we will finish up daily and seasonal changes and switch our focus to energy
  • students should continue to read every day and to practise using the reading strategies
Nov. 12th
  • Friday is a P.D. day
  • interviews Thursday night
  • we will be finishing up patterning and beginning to focus on data management
  • this week we will meet Tryin' Lion reading strategy...he reminds us to try to reread the sentence again and find a word that makes sense.  Also, to try another strategy when the first one you tried does not make sense
  • we will preview the Book Fair Tuesday and will return on Thursday to purchase books. 
Nov. 5th
  • patterning centers continue
  • we continue to focus on descriptive writing
  • highlighting vowel short e
  • parent/teacher interviews next week...sign up online
  • Remembrance Day service on Friday at 10:45
Oct. 29th
  • Halloween activities in language arts and math
  • begin math patterning centers
  • continue with literacy centers
  • Media focus...diagrams
  • Drama presentation Tuesday at 1:10
  • Wednesday students are welcome to dress in his/her Halloween costume (no weapons or masks) or wear black and orange
Oct. 22nd
  • we will be learning about descriptive writing. 
  • we will continue to focus on the short vowels sounds
  • math we continue to explore patterns and compare and order numbers
  • literacy centers begin this week
  • in media we will be looking at diagrams
Oct. 15th
  • new reading strategy..."Flippy Dolphin".  Flippy Dolphin reminds us to flip the sound when the first sound we try doesn't work
  • we are focusing on the signs of the seasons in science
  • Picture day on Wednesday
  • in math we are learning about repeating patterns, ordering and comparing numbers
Oct. 9th
  • We continue to review letter sounds, focusing on vowels a, o, and i
  • Review last weeks word wall words
  • This week we will meet "Skippy Frog".  When reading, Skippy Frog reminds us to skip  the word we are stuck on and read to the end of the sentence.  Then, hop back and read it again.
  • This week in math we will begin patterning.  We will also continue to focusing on numbers to 30.
  • We learn what it means to be a good "Digital Citizen" 
Oct. 1st
  • This week we will meet "Stretchy Snake".  Stretchy snake reminds us to stretch the word out slowly then put the sound together to figure out the word.
  • Thanksgiving liturgy on Thursday at 11:00 am
  • PD Day Friday
  • we continue to review letters and sounds as well write frame sentences
Sept. 25th
  • This week we will meet "Chunky Monkey".  Chunky Monkey reminds us to look at little chunks we know in a word to figure out the word.
  • Terry Fox Run on Thursday morning.  Donations appreciated (Cash Online)
  • we continue to look at fire safety and daily and seasonal changes
  • in math we are look at the concepts more, less, and ordering numbers
Sept. 17th
  • last week the students were introduced "Eagle Eye" (a decoding strategy).  Eagle Eye reminds you to look at the pictures for clues to help you with the words.
  • This week the students will be introduced to "Lips the Fish".  Lips reminds us to get our lips ready by saying the first sound.
  • We will continue working on letter formation and sentence writing.
  • in health, we are looking at fire safety
  • we will begin "Samaritans on the Digital Road" which focuses on being a good online citizen
  • Mark your calendars, on Thursday from 5:30-7:30 we will be hosting our Open House
Sept. 10th
  • expectations and routines continue to be a focus
  • last week we reviewed b and t (letter and sound)
  • we will continue to review letters and sounds for the next couple of weeks
  • in math we are focusing on reading and printing numbers to 30 and counting accurately
  • baseline assessments will begin this week
  • in science we are exploring daily and seasonal changes
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