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Welcome to Madame Wyskup's French Class!

Dearest Parents:

Thank you for dropping by!

On this website, you will have access to important information like lesson plans for the 

month, classroom assignments and their due dates, upcoming tests, web resources in 

French, Calendar events including due dates for tests and assignments,Curriculum of Ontario link and 

much more.

Your son/daughter will have to share his/her password so that you can view what he/she is doing in class or needs to do as assignments 

through Hapara and Workspace. It is possible for the student to obtain a chromebook and a internet jack to bring at home once the parent 

has signed the form.

Information on upcoming class and school activities will also be updated daily.  

Should you have any query, please do not hesitate to contact me at school at 613-745-2545 or by g-mail at helene.wyskup@ocsb.ca.

Hélène Wyskup, OCT.