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OWLS  Kindergarten Class 
Monday/ Tuesday/ Alternate Friday: FRENCH Mme Pat Chiasson & Mme Stabryla (2nd block), Miss Cyr E.C.E.
Wednesday/ Thursday/ Alternate Friday: ENGLISH Miss MacDonald & Mme Mariette(2nd block), Miss Cyr E.C.E.
FROGS Kindergarten Class 
Monday/Tuesday/ Alternate Friday: ENGLISH Miss MacDonald & Mme Mariette(2nd block)
Wednesday/ Thursday/Alternate Friday: FRENCH Mme Pat Chiasson & Mme Stabryla (2nd block)

Class Photo Album
The monthly photo albums are accessible through your child's board google account. It is a great opportunity for you to share the learning that is happenning with your child. Enjoy! 

What's new? Check it out!
  • February albums are posted. 
  • February & March Noticing and Naming the Learning is updated.

Upcoming Activities
  • $= Costs for activities are paid with Kinder activity fee
  • February 14/ Ash Wednesday Liturgy 10:45
  • February 16/ Change for Change "Twin Day"
  • February 16/ Communication of Learning/ sent home
  • February 19/ Family Day/ No School
  • February 22/ Scheduled Parent/Teacher interviews
  • February 23/ Change for Change "Teacher Look Alike Day"
  • March 2/ Change for Change "Sports Jersey Day"
  • March 23/ Change for Change "Green & White Day"
  • March 29/ Holy Thursday
  • March 29/ Change for Change "Dress Up Fancy Day"
  • March 30/ Good Friday/ No School
  • April 2/ Easter Monday/ No School
Please continue to check regularly the website pages for any updates.



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