3. Landform Regions

Canada's Landform Regions

Canada's Geographic Regions

 Canada is a vast country stretching far to the north and across great distances East and West.
From the Columbia Mountains on the west coast to the prairies in the middle; the Canadian
shield and the many lakes of Ontario and Quebec to the St. Lawrence valley and the Atlantic 
Maritime regions and the Atlantic Ocean.
PART A                      

Lesson #1
  : Physical Regions of Canada 
Instructions:  Grand Erie activities

            Step #1: Go the second choice and click on: Grade 9 Applied Geography (CGC 1P)
            Step #2:  Now select : LESSON 2- LANDFORMS, Climate, vegetation regions

             Step #3:  Now select : CANADA’S LANDFORM REGIONS

            Step #4: Do #'s 1 to 5 on this page      

            Step #5: Get 2 handouts from teacher                        
   ** You need ear buds

  Lesson #2. Landforms regions of Canada
 Part A:  Open and watch  "Canada's Landform Regions Presentation
                            Notes will be provided for you

              Part B:  
 Canadian Landform Regions Map
                                Step 1: Go here to see how to colour your map

Lesson 3: The Canadian Shield: Where we live
    1. Go to the site below and click on the blue area on the map that represents the Canadian shield.
         Once here, click on the different regions from the numbered list to see examples of what the Canadian
          shield looks like.

Lesson 4
Read Chapter 12 in text.
Page 125 to 133.

Part B:

Video Clips: take notes on worksheets provided

You will watch the following video clips in order and answer
the questions found on the worksheets.

**You can borrow ear buds if you need them

            #1- For video clips 1-11
***If you cannot view these clips on your computer, download a program called
"VLC Media Player".  It will play almost any file.

1.  Canada as  Country

2.  Canada's Landscape

3.  7  Landform Regions

4.  Western Cordillera

5.  Arctic Highlands

6.  The Interior plains

8.  Canadian Shield

9.  Hudson Bay Lowlands

10. St. Lawrence Lowlands

11.  Appalachian Highlands

PART C: Glaciation
1. Go here and read and look at the pictures.  
   This should give you a good understanding of how powerful ice can be in 
    shaping the land.