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Writing Contests

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CBC Books: Write the first page of a novel set 150 years in the future


November 30, 2017
Create a two-minute video about how you care for the natural living environment, as good "stewards of creation".

November 27, 2017
Recite poetry (choose from a list of poems)
For students in Grades 9-12 only.

If you qualify for the National Finals, you'll win a trip to the finals and compete for the grand prize of $5000.

Sign up with Mrs. Brooks (Room 1008) before October 26th. Presentation dates will be decided at that time.

Speaker's Award for Youth Writers

Open to grades 7-12, in Ontario

Short Stories and Personal Essays

November 8, 2017

Awesome Authors Youth Writing Contest

For ages 9-17, and must have a valid Ottawa Library Card

Short stories, poems, and comics

February 19, 2018
Student Humorous Short Story Competition (from the Stephen Leacock Associates)

Open to grades 9-12, in Ontario

Humorous Short Story or Personal Essay

First Prize is $1000

April 15, 2018
Fraser Institute Student Essay Contest

Open to seconday and post-secondary students in Canada.

Essay must be between 1000 and 1500 words, and must include references from academic sources.

Essay must answer the question: "Increasing the Minimum Wage: Good Intentions, Bad Policy?"

First prize is $1500

June 1, 2018