The Office Administrator at a school is the first person students, parents, staff and visitors - both community and Board - interact with everyday!

You are the face that represents the school and in fact one of the faces that represents the Ottawa Catholic School Board. You have an awesome responsibility to the staff you work with and the visitors you meet. Below are some expectations that the Board has put in place for our staff. A friendly environment for everyone is key to a Welcoming workplace.

Office Administrator Confidentiality Agreement

Frequently Asked Questions about the Office Administrator's Network Google Group.

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What makes our school a friendly, welcoming environment?

Here are some suggestions to make your front office entrance “Welcoming”

  • SMILE even if you are having a tough day!

  • Warm, friendly and welcoming front office staff. Help/assistance offered quickly, people first, paper second approach. Acknowledge people who come in the office, even if you are on the phone

  • Proper telephone etiquette- friendly phone greeting, professional conversations, return phone calls ASAP, warm and informative voicemail

  • Respect for staff/students/community is evident

  • Displays (seasonal themes, faith, plants, kid centred, promote the community, history of the school) clean, bright, tidy, appropriate signage, TV or digital frame in front foyer

  • Knowing student’s names and exceptionalities (ex. Allergies, Spec Ed., siblings, etc).