Scholarships 2018/2019

              NOTE:  This page is a work in progress . . . keep checking back!!
Come see Mrs. Chiarelli in A408 if you can't get something to print - she will help!!
                   The menu on the side bar shows the scholarships that are available at this time for St. Pius X Graduates.  

                        In some cases, the student must submit an application to Mrs. Chiarelli and the Graduation Awards Committee.  In other cases, the applications are to be mailed directly to the group providing the scholarship. Read the instructions carefully!
                        Be sure to read the information posted about each award and follow the steps required.  Applications can be downloaded from each descriptor page. 

                        Award amounts may be subject to change.

                        Each requires a completed application cover page, a resumé, and any additional requirements.

                        Below is short synopsis of the scholarships and due dates so far (those that are greyed out have not been confirmed yet).  Use the sidebar for further information and to download the forms needed.

ALSO  . . . click here  (StudentScholarships) or  here  (ScholarTree) or here (Scholarships Canada) for other scholarships available online.    
Name of Scholarship
Sample Criteria
Due Date
 Horatio Alger Ontario Scholarship Program Candidate must demonstrate integrity and perseverance in overcoming adversity and have financial need Ten students in Canada get $10 000 and one hundred and sixty students get $5 000. Apply online at by Oct. 25, 2018