Welcome to the Visual Arts at Adult  High School. We are located in room 210 and photo is often in Lab 505. This site will be updated with info. about Art activities, as well as with your assignments. See course folders for handouts.

In the Winter 2017 semester we have the following Art Courses offered:

Period two -
AVI 3M and 4M - Grade 11 and 12 Visual Arts
with Marg Boyle in room 210

Period four
AWQ3M and 4M - Grade 11 and 12 Photography with Marg Boyle

Marg will also be teaching Media Arts via e-Learning during period three

Drop by the art room at lunch if you need to see her

Her office is 511A - she is usually there or in the art room period one and in that office when she teaches eLearning.
Do you know we have open studio on Tuesdays and Thursdays?

Usually Marg is in room 505 right after 230 so if you want to work there or in the art room come see  her there or in her office. She will then let you into the studio.

Open studio closes at 4:30 pm.

If you are not in art or photo but you want to come to the art room and do artwork at lunch you are welcome. Drop by and say hi!