Course plan

This course plan is always being revised.  The activities are grouped in cycles.  At the end of each cycle is a one or two day evaluation. By the end of the course, each of the main ideas and strands in the course will have been studied and evaluated at least twice before the summative period.
The activities listed below vary in type and length.  Some require students to work at their desks with manipulatives while others are done at the whiteboard.  Any activities which seem worksheet driven are actually done at the whiteboards. At the end of most classes students have 10 minutes to journal.  The daily work is posted on a class blog or padlet.  The textbook used is Nelson Advanced Functions, 2009.  
The table below shows our course plan with links to all of the activities and whiteboard lessons we have used over the past few years. We have referenced ones which we borrowed from open sites. The order in which we present the course changes all the time.  Go to for a more polished version (site will be online as of OAME 2016) 
Examples of student work for many of the activities can be found at
It is a work in progress and we welcome your feedback and ideas at

CycleActivity DaysCharacteristics of
Rates of
 0          Building community activity 1: Card stacking and Get to know your peers & teacher 1-3       
 0 Building community activity 2: Hands of a clock 1-2       
1Characteristics of graphs and Speed Dating with graphs2x
1Transformations with brainstorm of transformations,
Student function chart, input/output chart, ledger paper
1Matching Graph to Equations 1x
1Marble Rolls and Rates of change2
1Dominoes, logarithmic form and
co-creating criteria for good questions
1Zombies 1x
1Intro to log fxns and notation  1x
1nth Diff=an! & Painted Cube2x
1Cubics and manipulatives  2x
1Camping Costs1x
1Periodic - Rolling a Shape1x
1Tides and Trig modelling questions1              xx
1Trig Identities (work to play) - basic ones1x
1T2-Day Test Cycle 1 (Describe,Graph,RoC)4
2 Facebook of the Dead:
Background, Teacher notes and Data
2Log Wars card set to play the classic game of War 1x
2Radian Plates 1x
2Radian Wars card set & Trig Ratios2x
2Factoring and remainder theorem3x
2Light It Up1x
2Solving trig equations 3x
2Solving Any Type of Equation when y=31xxxxxx
2Simple rational functions1x
2T2-Day Test Cycle 2
(Solving Equations Algebraically & Graphically)
3Equivalent Trig Expressions 1x
3Combining Functions (with tanx) 1x
3Reciprocal Functions  1x
3Compound angles & double angles2x
3Trig identities3x
3T1-Day Test Cycle 3 (Compound Angles & Trig Ident)3
4Tootsie Pop Activity with Lesson Plan1x
4Composition of Functions (Spread on Bread)1x
4Dampening Pendulum1xx
4 Tylenol (lesson from Mathalicious)1xx
4Logistic Functions (vitamin C, Flu, Birds, Plague, Yeast)2xx
4Bean Counting (lesson from Dan Meyer)1x
4Rational functions with OA and hole2x
4Logarithmic Applications 1x
4Solving Exp & Log equations2xx
4Solving Quad & Trig functions2xx
4Solving Polynomial & Rational Inequalities1x
4T2-Day Test Cycle 4 (Modelling & Applications)4

Summative one: Research project 
Summative two: Three part task 
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