Grade 1 to 8 Review

Videos & Practice Problems for Grade 1 through 8 on Khan Academy

Early Math:



Basic Geometry:

Foundations for Algebra:

Algebraic Expressions:

Linear Equations:


Pythagorean Theorem:

Math Games that Review Concepts from Grade 1 through 5

N: Number Sense

N1 Representing & ordering numbers to 100 000

Ordering 2-digit numbers:

Ordering numbers:


N2 Developing the concept of place value to the hundredths

Place value puzzler:

Decimals on a number line (type the number):

Battleship (fractions / decimals on number line):


N3 Counting by 1s, 2s, 5s, 10s, 25s & 100s


N4 Representing money amounts to $1 000


Change Maker:


N5 Comparing & ordering fractions with unlike denominators. Relating simple fractions to decimals.

Comparing fractions to 1/2:

Equivalent fractions:
Equivalent fractions:

Fractions of a whole:

Ordering fractions:


N6 Adding & subtracting decimal amounts to hundredths




N7 Multiplying 2-digit whole numbers by 2-digit whole numbers. Dividing 3-digit whole numbers by 1-digit whole numbers.




Mix add, subtract, multiply, divide:




M1 Converting units from metres to centimetres and from kilometers to meters

Measuring & units:



M2 Measuring time to the nearest second. Determining elapsed time. Relating the 12-hour clock to the 24-hour clock


Elapsed time:

Time w/ words:


M3 Measuring temperature

Measuring temperature:

Measuring temperature:


M4 Developing & applying area & perimeter relationships for a rectangle

Area or Perimeter

Area & Perimeter:


M5 Relating capacity & volume. Developing & applying the volume relationship for a right rectangular prism

Units, mass, capacity & length:

Volume of rectangular prisms:


G: Geometry & Spatial Sense


G1 Using geometric properties to compare shapes; distinguishing among polygons & among prisms

Learn about:


2D vs 3D:

Naming 2D shapes:

Naming 3D shapes:


G2 Constructing 2D shapes; triangles

Equilateral VS Isosceles VS Scalene:


G3 Constructing 3D shapes; nets of prisms and pyramids

Matching nets to their solids:
Matching nets to their solids:
Matching nets to their solids:
Matching nets to their solids:


G4 Identifying acute, right, obtuse, and straight angles. Measuring angles to 90° with a protractor.

Measuring angles:

Measuring & classifying angles:


G5 Locating objects using the cardinal direction


G6 Performing & describing translations

Transformations & translations:

Transformations & translations:

Transformations & translations:


P: Patterning & Algebra


P1 Representing a pattern using a table of values. Predicting terms in a pattern

Colour patterns:

Geometric patterns:

Number patterns:

Matching patterns:

Patterns (medium):


Number patterns - crack the code:

Number patterns (hard):


P2 Investigating variables as unknown quantities


P3 Determining the missing numbers in equations involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division & one- or two-digit numbers. Demonstrating equality using multiplication or division in equations with unknown quantities on both sides

Number bonds:

Find the missing number:


D: Data Management & Probability


D1 Collecting & organizing data; discrete & continuous. Sampling data from a population.


D2 Displaying data using broken-line graphs

Frequency tables, bar graph, pictograph:

Charts & Graphs:

Stem & Leaf Plots:

Stem & Leaf Plots:

Reading double bar graphs:


D3 Analyzing data; understanding mean. Comparing two related sets of data.

Mean, median & mode practice:


D4 Representing probability using fractions.

Least VS Most likely 2 choices: 

Least VS Most likely 3 choices:

Probability keywords: 

Probability fraction matching:

Probabilities as fractions:


IXL Review of various grade levels:

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