The Outdoor Education  program seeks to develop such skills and traits as: critical thinking, group problem-solving, leadership, organization, initiative, tenacity and compassion.  Students who are strongly developed in these areas are the ones sought after by post-secondary institutions and employers. Students will also learn outdoor physical activity and healthy-living skills which can be used lifelong. 

Confidence is being able to turn hopes and ideas into action. The physical and emotional challenges that the students will face (safely) will certainly improve confidence.

At Hillcrest, students can earn three OE credits: PAD20, PAD3O and PAD40 and it is recommended that students take the PAD20 course first, regardless of which grade they're in.  The course welcomes participants whose outdoor adventure experience ranges from minimal to extensive. Students are evaluated on how much they, as individuals, develop their skills and leadership from the beginning of the course.

Registration Form (please return to the Science office, Room 230)

                        What the students say:

                                   "one of my favourite aspects was getting to know students I don't normally socialize with. We had great conversations and great laughs"

                                        "I never thought I'd be able to do this challenge, but I accomplished it and feel really great"

                                        "I liked making new friends and realizing that not everyone is what they seem"

                                        "We learned a lot from that challenge and it was so beautiful in the forest"

                                        "dry socks rule!"