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other libraries


Ottawa Public Library (OPL)                     

If you don't have a library card, get one now from any OPL branch! It's free, and it gives you access to all the OPL branches and all the on-line databases.
For books, DVDsCDs, audiobooks and e-books check the OPL catalogue 
You can have the item shipped to your local branch if you like, and the library will even call you when it comes in.
For periodical articles (magazines, journals and newspapers), check the list of databases 
Your username will be your OPL card number, and the password is usually the last four digits of your telephone number. Please use these databases from home rather than from school.
If you are over 16 you can apply for a Sm@rtLibrary Card  which will get you in to Carleton University, the University of Ottawa, and several other area libraries.

University of Ottawa

You can check the University of Ottawa's catalogue online. You will need a SmartLibraryCard in order to borrow books. Remember that the University of Ottawa has Faculties of Law and Health which make them invaluable resources in these areas.


Carleton University Library

If you are 16 or over, you can use a Sm@rt Card to borrow books from Carleton University's Library and use their databases and periodicals. 
You can check Carleton's catalogue online. Remember that Carleton uses Library of Congress call numbers (instead of the Dewey decimal numbers that you know from school and public libraries)


Algonquin College Library

If you are 16 or over, you can use a Sm@rt Card to borrow books from Algonquin College's Library and use their databases and periodicals. 


Government libraries

All federal government departments (ex. Agriculture Canada, Environment Canada, etc.) maintain libraries in Ottawa. You may not be able to borrow books, but the libraries will usually let you do research on site, and their staff will usually be very helpful. Always call ahead!
You can find the addresses and phone numbers for all federal government libraries at www.gc.ca (check the home page of the department in which you’re interested). Here are some of the more popular government libraries

 1341 Baseline Road                           613 773-1400

100 Rue Laurier, Gatineau                    819 776-7003
351 Boul. St-Joseph, Gatineau              819 997-1767
125 Sussex Drive                                 613 992-6150
395 Wellington Street                           613 996-5115
1 Vimy Place                                        613 776-8652

NRC National Science Library

M-55, 1200 Montreal Road                    613 998-8554