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write a book review

Add your own review to any book in the school library!

  1. Open up Alexandria 
  2. Click on log in (up near the top of the screen).  
  3. Login -- this is the only tricky bit. Your login is your student number without the "S" and without any "0" at the beginning. For example, if your student number is S038996251, your login will be 338996251. If there is no "0" at the beginning of your number, just enter it the way it is (so if your student number is S62773123, your login will be 62773123). Clear??!?  See Mr. Turner or Mrs. Fortier if you have any trouble!
  4. Password -- this is the easy bit. Your password is your last name (example, if your last name is Turner, your password will be Turner). Click on log in
  5. You are now logged in. Search for the book you would like to review. When you see the book's record on the screen, click on the stars underneath the record, and then on add review.
  6. Type in your review, click on the number of stars you would like to give the book, and then click on submit. You are done!
  7. Don't forget to log out! 
  8. As soon as your review has been viewed by Mrs. Fortier or Mr. Turner, it will be posted onto Alexandria, and everyone will be able to see it