N.C.S.S.A.A. Badminton

If you are interested  in following our athletes through the draw at OFSAA, click the link below: 


Welcome. In an effort to save trees, the purpose of this site is to allow teams to register for the season of high school badminton in the national capital region - it is no where near as fancy as fatdog.ca but it does contain the information required for coaches to sign up their players and follow the results of the day.

Coaches are still required to submit an AELS to the convenor prior. The form you fill out goes directly into a google.doc and you will receive an email with confirmation from a coordinator; plus, you are able to submit changes if necessary to the form as long as it meets the timelines for all entries.

Both East and West tournaments are running on a mixture of days this year: you can use the links on the side to acquaint yourself with the requirements in the information package and the dates by clicking on tournament dates. The deadline for registration is Thursday, March 30 at 4 pm.

The convenor for the East and Far East this year is Roy Hoople - roy.hoople@ocdsb.ca : the convenor for the West is Brian Schmidt - Brian.Schmidt@ocdsb.ca and Scott Levers - Scott.Levers@ocdsb.ca :and Far West is Steve Sheppard - Steve.Sheppard@ocdsb.ca 

Good Luck
Last Updated January 24, 2017

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