Grade 9 Strings

What's happening this week

  • Week of November 20-24th
    Brook green suite (listen) and play
    Ghosts of Brandenburg - tidy up any issues that came up from the prepared for an in class metronome test!

    Wednesday *please note that this is supposed to be your theory day but we have switched!*
    Play through with Liko 
    3.5 minutes only so we can get through everyone. You will more than likely be interrupted. 

    Theory day
    Posted Nov 19, 2017, 9:32 AM by Janice Mah
  • November 13-17th
    Counting is important: why?
    Clean the instruments day * please find cloths and use rubbing alcohol to clean fingerboards/strings on all instruments and chin rests
    Brook Green Suite
    Sectional work with Brandenburg *what Ms. Mah learned from sitting in the middle of the ensemble*

    Woe is me Wednesday/Open Mic: Grace, Heather, Jahleena, Kayla
    Bow connection and rhythms
    Intonation work - tuning octaves/tuning fifths/tuning 3rds
    Look at new piece for next semester?

    Time to work on World Music Project!
    Posted Nov 12, 2017, 5:40 AM by Janice Mah
  • Week of November 6-10th
    *please make sure you have your material ready and you show up to your rehearsal on time!
    Chorals: warm up
    Ensemble check

    *please make sure you have your material ready and you show up to your rehearsal on time!
    Chorals: warm up
    Ensemble check part 2 (if needed) if not...
    Chorale writing for two instruments- why? what? huh?
    Posted Nov 4, 2017, 7:51 PM by Janice Mah
  • Week of October 30-November 3rd
    Too bad Tuesday: Ceri, Emily, Erin, Grace
    *choice of playing something open mic or sight reading!
    *Anyone who has not completed their scale eval, etude eval or solo piece play through MUST play today
    - Mozart Ave Verum
    - (hand back in Holst) - hand back out new holst: Brook Green Suite
    - Rep Check discussion: which parts need to be learned in each section: Rep checks will begin next week!

    *Take your kids to work day!

    Brook Green Suite
    Time to work on World music project

    Posted Oct 29, 2017, 7:20 AM by Janice Mah
  • Week of October 23-27th
    Discussion: Masterclass with Yehonatan Berick
    Discussion: Etude and Solo evaluation prelims
    *Play the same snippet you've been playing for your etude videos.  Afterwards, perform 2-3 mins of your solo evaluation piece.  Ms. Mah will provide a little bit of feedback.  Use one chrome book to watch your video which can be found in your folder.  Start a new document and answer the last 3 questions from the etude assignment.  
    * Two practice rooms will be used for warming up.  One person will be performing and someone else will be waiting on deck.
    *three practice rooms can be used to complete etude assignment with chromebooks. 
    *the whole etude assignment will be due by Friday 11:59pm

    Chorale: conducting and performing
    *new fun piece to play during class

    Etude and solo evaluation prelim order:
    Villaneuva, Ceri
    Torres, Sebastian
    Stoyles, Terena
    Saint, Emily
    Pensa, Meaghan
    Peckham, Kayla
    Olo, Tuuli
    Nieuwenhuis, Samuel
    Metcalfe, Erin
    Mennier, Samuel
    Laatunen, Aliisa
    Iznardo, Rebeca

    ETUDE and solo evaluation prelim order:
    Kelly, Ava
    Hunnerup, Torben
    Humphries, Heather
    Hayword, Alison
    Greer, Grace
    Chambers, Jahleena
    Berektab, Alador
    Belenger, London
    Belen, Veronica
    Al-Idrissi, Sumaya
    Posted Oct 21, 2017, 6:02 PM by Janice Mah
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Important Dates

Music Night Rehearsals: December 4-5th after school.
**Grade 9s if you are volunteering to usher, you MUST be there December 4th**
**Intermediate ensemble is expected to be at rehearsal on December 5th**

Music Night: December 8th *intermediate strings perform*

December Solo Evaluations - the order in which your name appears is the order you will perform!
November 30- Grade 12s
Dec 1- Grade 11, 10, 9