Grade 12 Strings

What's happening this week

  • Week of May 22-25th
    Children Stories- Grade 11 - > you will have access to the hot room
    *you should be nearing a final product at this point
    Grade 12s: Mock Audition
    * Please ensure that there is no talking behind the screen
    *You will play your concerto, and the adjudicators will let you know about the excerpts
    * while this is happening, people can warm up in the practice rooms, and/or work on other homework, we will go into the lunch hour to finish
    *websites will be checked at this time
    *A runner is needed to ensure that the next person is ready behind the screen
    Good luck!

    Last chance to complete write-ups

    Grade 12s: meet me in the lobby at 10:20am to load onto the buses to Vincent Massey,  we will be back by 12:45.  You will wear your polo shirts and jeans/slacks/shorts.
    *please make sure you have the following music
    1) twilight express
    2) Bach double concerto
    3) Irish Party in Third Class
    4) Try Everything * we will be ending with the quartet for the last 2 bars

    Grade 11s: piano rehearsals *NO SWITCHING

    Posted May 21, 2018, 2:45 PM by Janice Mah
  • Week of May 14-18th
    *Grade 12s- reminder that your mock audition is next week.  As discussed many MANY times since January these are the following requirements:
    1) Play a first movement of a concerto
    2) Play 2 contrasting excerpts from the mock audition website
    3) Complete and share your website and the requirements by May 22nd (audition day)
    Grade 12s- run over what is to be expected on Friday.  Group game? Practice irish party, try everything, theory of everything?, La La Land
    Grade 12s- what is going on with Cadenza- all details need to be finalized by the end of this period.

    Grade 11s- time to work on children stories * this is now Period 4 for children stories
    -reminder- romantic quiz last class in May!  Please review: Erlkonig, Symphonie Fantastique and Ma Vlast (Moldau movement).  Know what genre these pieces are, who wrote them  and some interesting facts about the composer and the piece.  I will discuss more in detail tomorrow, however the three pieces listed above will NOT be played from the beginning!

    Ensemble day - period will extend into lunch
    First half of class -> use the time to work on children stories, feeder school project or website/practice audition

    Grade 11s: you will be working in the hallway (sorry!) on Children Stories (Class 6)
    Grade 12s:  The room allocations will be as follows: 
    Basses- Hot Room (3+ Marc)
    Violas- Room 125 (9+ Violas)
    Violin 2- Room 131 (8+2nd violins)
    Violin 1 - Keyboard lab (8+ 1st violins)
    **you will have from 10:45 till 11:30 to work with the kids and teach them Twilight Express. At 11:30 please meet back in room 131 for lunch (11:30-12) followed by a quick game (20 mins) and a rehearsal of Twilight Express at 12:20pm. My expectation of the grade 12s if to either be playing beside the 8s or helping. DO NOT stand around.
    Once the bell has run for your 3rd period class, I will be working with the 8s on my own- those of you on spare are most welcome to stay and help! :)

    Posted May 12, 2018, 6:13 PM by Janice Mah
  • Week of May 7-13th
    Grade 12s:
    Hand out permission forms for trip to Vincent Massey May 24th
    We will have one dress rehearsal with the kids, then perform:
    Midnight Express
    Theory of Everything
    Try Everything (fun project with the audience?)
    La La Land
    Irish Party in Third Class (Fun project with the audience?)

    Vincent Massey to Canterbury on May 18th
    - I will print out your hand outs you made- please make sure this has been completed.

    Grade 12s: Cadenza info: what the heck are all y'all playin?

    Cadenza information- due soon- i need your numbers!
    Grade 11s: Theory day (Carrying on with Children's stories)- clarification of what I expect to see from the project
    Grade 12s: work period - things to consider: Websites need to be completed before May 22nd.  I will be checking that you have all requirements for the website when you have your mock audition.  Please make sure you have your orchestral excerpts prepared and that you've listened to it!

    Posted May 8, 2018, 7:14 AM by Janice Mah
  • Week of April 16-20th
    Grade 11: Concerto assignment
    Grade 12: Post concert review and feedback, teaching assignment?! finish this..PROPERLY. By the end of this class.

    Grade 12:  Time to work on Mock audition- website, resume, pictures, coverletter, figuring out your orchestra excerpts etc.
    Grade 11s: Time to work on Bach, America and La La Land

    Grade 12s: Mock audition -I want to see everyone's website up, resume and coverletter complete and some pictures and videos
    Grade 11s: Concerto assignment

    Posted Apr 15, 2018, 11:12 AM by Janice Mah
  • Week of April 9-13th
    Grade 11s- Solo evaluations- see me to fill in this sheet *all piano music will be submitted by Friday
    Grade 12s- to run through recital from start to finish with narration for the grade 11s
    *grade 11s who are helping- will need to take stage notes on what to do in between acts
    EVERYTHING must be complete or you will not perform on Friday. 

    *Reminder to all that we will be continuing into lunch for ensemble

    Grade 12s to complete teaching project..I want to see the final products shared with me by the end of this class period
    Grade 11s- Theory class- Finish romantic composition by the end of this class.  we will continue with romantic era lesson- moving onto the concerto next

    Posted Apr 10, 2018, 7:26 AM by Janice Mah
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Upcoming assignments

Due DateAssignmentDocument
May 22, 2018 Portfolio Project assignmet 
May 22, 2018 Mock Audition requirements 
April 12, 2018 feeder school assignment 
February 14, 2018 Scale #2 Scale #2 Requirements 
December 8, 2017 Survey Solo self-eval- fill this out after performance 
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Important Dates

April 9-  Italy trip information session at lunch *mandatory for everyone going on the trip

April 13- Stranger Strings- Grade 12 farewell concert

April 27- May 6th: Italy Bound!

May 18- Teaching Project with Vincent Massey

May 22- Mock audition- online website should be shared with me 

May 24- Canterbury Gr 12 to Vincent Massey 

May 28-29th - Music Night Rehearsals
 *mandatory attendance

May 31/June 1- Music Night

June 10 - Cadenza @ Chateau Laurier