Grade 10 Strings

What's happening this week

  • Week of November 20-24th
    Ghosts of Brandenburg- remarks from morning practice 
    Play me your first 8 bars of your jazz standard
    Next class ensemble piece?

    Play through with Liko 
    *note that this is supposed to be a theory day
    *pianist needs to leave early so whoever is left will play on their own or with me accompanying. 

    Special guest presentation 
    Posted Nov 19, 2017, 9:36 AM by Janice Mah
  • Week of November 13-17th
    *Apologies grade 10s.  I did not anticipate being as busy as I am and therefore, I have not had time to finish marking your essays.  Presentations will be pushed to next week*

    Bow contact and rhythms/Co-ordinating left and right hands
    Chorales- tuning and balance
    Warlock 2 (finally!)
    Brandenburg insights

    Sight reading as an ensemble
    Clapping rhythms as an ensemble
    Look at new pieces for next semester?

    Piano Lab (bring ear phones and repertoire to work on)
    Time to work on slideshow for your virtuoso presentations next week
    Posted Nov 12, 2017, 7:20 AM by Janice Mah
  • Week of November 6-10th
    Rehearsals with Liko
    *please make sure you have your material ready and you show up to your rehearsal on time!
    Chorales- warm up
    Ensemble check- ghosts of brandenburg

    *please make sure you have your material ready and you show up to your rehearsal on time!
    Warlock 2 (finally!) - warm up
    Ensemble check part 2? (if needed..if not keyboard lab- please bring ear buds and other piano material)
    Posted Nov 4, 2017, 7:49 PM by Janice Mah
  • Week of October 30-November 4th
    Anyone who has not completed their scale eval, etude eval or solo piece play through must do this today
    Time to do virtuoso project writing ( Due tomorrow 11:59pm)

    Chorale play throughs
    Warlock 2 
    Rep Check (next week!) - discussion re: which sections need to be looked at for each section
    If we have time- time to finish up virtuoso project written portion or start powerpoint.

    Keyboard lab *please bring earbuds or headphones in (or your own piano repertoire)
    Jazz review of autumn leaves

    Posted Oct 29, 2017, 7:10 AM by Janice Mah
  • Week of October 23-27th
    Discussion: Masterclass with Yehonatan Berick
    Discussion: Etude and Solo evaluation prelims
    *Play the same snippet you've been playing for your etude videos.  Afterwards, perform 2-3 mins of your solo evaluation piece.  Ms. Mah will provide a little bit of feedback.  Use one chrome book to watch your video which can be found in your folder.  Start a new document and answer the last 3 questions from the etude assignment.  
    * Two practice rooms will be used for warming up.  One person will be performing and someone else will be waiting on deck.
    *three practice rooms can be used to complete etude assignment with chromebooks. 
    *the whole etude assignment will be due by Friday 11:59pm

    Warm up: Guide tones a la Autumn Leaves
    Chorales: conducting and performing
    Beauty and the Beast *one last time through, hand this back in and i'll hand out another one (maybe not today)
    Warlock 2

    Etude and Solo Eval prelim order:
    Zhao, Kathy
    Yee, Amanda
    Vasquez-Chau, Camila
    Su, Jordana
    Storaas, Malin
    Sirvin, Jordan
    Ross, Kiera
    Rinaldi, Ana
    Real, Taralyn
    Mohammed, Rowan

    Etude and Sol Eval prelim order:
    Milligan, Caitlyn
    McMillan, Russell
    Liao-Park, Nathaniel
    Lawford, Anna-Lise
    Khani, Adrian
    Ibarra, Mario
    Fraser, Liam
    Falkner, Hannah
    Dimitrova, Katia
    Aubrey, Hilary
    Als, Sarah

    Posted Oct 21, 2017, 6:06 PM by Janice Mah
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October 27, 2017 Etude #1 Etude #1 assignment  
October 27, 2017 Self Reflection #1- Solo repertoire Survey 
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