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Module 4 - Employment Law

A.  Module Introduction 

Understanding your rights and your employer's legal responsibilities when it comes to the maximum hours you can work, the minimum wage you must be paid, overtime pay, benefits,  holiday and holiday pay, vacation pay,  breaks, pregnancy and parental leave; emergency and medical leaves, termination of your employment and filing an employment claim against your employer will be very beneficial to you and your future career whether you are an employee or an employer.  This knowledge is important for future planning of both your career goals and your personal and/or family and personal health and well-being goals.

This module will take your through the Employment Standard's Act to familiarize yourself with the various details outlined above and hopefully increase your confidence when seeking clarity from your employers on any number of issues that may come up in your work life.  You will also have several real life case studies to read that put the Act into action.

B.  Due Dates for The Following Tasks:
Task 1:  Young Workers Employment Law Pre-Quiz                                                               Integration Class discussion 
Task 2:  Employment Standard's Act (ESA) Scavenger Hunt      **Subject to change       

C.  Module Tasks
Instructions for the tasks are included in the attachments.