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Module 1 - Employability Skills

A. Module Introduction:

All jobs require a general set of behaviours, attitudes and skill set.  These traits are referred to as employability and/or transferable skills.  These skills come from a lot of places - paid work, volunteering in your community, school, and even through your hobbies.  When you develop a skill or gain experience in one place, and put what you've learned to use someplace else, you are using transferable skills.  The Conference Board of Canada surveyed a variety of organizations and businesses and asked what skills and traits they wanted their employees to have.    This link will take you to the Conference Board of Canada list that was compiled.  Whether you will be a future employee and/or a future business owner looking to hire employees, this information will be beneficial for future job and career experiences.

While learning about the list of skills and traits employers are looking for in employees, you will also identify your transferable employability skills that were acquired from your past work, volunteer, school, or extra-curricular experiences.    These skills, abilitities, and traits can then be used to help you build a resume, cover letter, and prepare for job interviews.

It is important to note that businesses can train their workforce to learn specific skills required to do the job, but they do not want to invest the time or money on employees unless they bring the right attitude with them.

B. This Module is comprised of the following activities and tasks:

Be sure to read through all the parts of the module in order to assist you with successful completion of the activities and tasks.  All work has been prepared using microsoft word.  You can download and save a copy as a word document and then complete it and print it out for submission.  If you download as a google doc, the formatting will need to be adjusted. If you download and save as a word document, no formatting adjustments should be needed.

Activity 1:  Read the following Case Study and  Complete the Discussion Questions     Interpersonal Case Study      
Activity 2:  Read through the:                                                                     ..........                    Conference Board of Canada's Employability Skills Sheet.  
                   Download, save and print a summary of these skills.        ...........                    Employability Skills Summary.
Task 1:      Download and complete the following:                                ...........                    Employability Skills Quiz.    -- DUE:  Friday, Feb. 2nd
Task 2:      Download and complete the following:                                ..........                     Employability Skills 2000+ Self-Assessment Sheet   -- DUE:  Friday, Feb. 2nd
Task 3:      Download and complete the following:                                ..........                     Job Inferences - Accounts Representative Sheet.  -- DUE:  Friday, Feb. 2nd
Task 4:      Download and complete the following                                  .........                     Employability Skills Reflection Task Part A and Part B.   -- DUE:  Mon. Feb. 5th Use the   
                  Dynamic Verb  sheet for Part A.3. 
Activity 3: Having now completed Task 4, go back to Task 2 and 3 and see if you would change any of your initial responses.  Make these changes in
                  another colour.

C.  Module Tasks to Be Submitted For Assessment - AT THE BEGINNING OF CLASS ON THE DUE DATE:


T1.  Employability Skills Quiz

Fri. Feb. 2nd

T2.  Employability Skills 2000+ Self- Assessment Sheet

Fri. Feb. 2nd

T3.  Job Inferences – Account Representative Sheet

Fri. Feb. 2nd

T4.  Employability Skills Reflection Task A&B

Mon. Feb. 5th

Be sure your name is on all work submitted.