JMSS Design & Technology

 Welcome to Mr. Leduc's home page.
I am one of the Technological teachers at John McCrae Secondary School. My specialty is Technological Design. The Tech Design course is introduced to the grade 9's through the TIJ 1O (Exploring Technologies). or TIJ 1OF (Exploration de la Technologie) 
For those who decide to take design even further the course is also offered in grade 10 (TDJ 2O), 11 (TDJ 3M) and 12 (TDJ 4M). As the students move up in grade so does the complexity of their design challenges. For students a little more inclined towards construction in general, TCJ 3C is offered. This course will help students understand what is involve in the world of construction, whether it be residential construction, landscaping or even plumbing and electrical.
If you are up for challenging work using machines and computer software well Technological Design might be in your future. Use the tabs located on top on this page in order to obtain more information about these exciting courses, a link allows you to see the actual syllabus for the course. Also, feel free to contact me at eric.leduc@ocdsb.ca or come for a visit at school, you can always find me in room 115 / 116. That is where the creation takes place.