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Hi everyone.  As of September 2017, I am teaching at John McCrae Secondary School.  Please feel free to visit me there!   

My name is Michael Czudner and it is my distinct pleasure to be teaching secondary (9-12) Mathematics at John McCrae Secondary School.  I taught at Woodroffe High School from 2002-2009 and LDHSS from 2009-2017.  I have been teaching at JMSS since Sept 2017-present. 

This semester I am teaching:
MPM2D         Per 1 (Room 211)
HPAMATH     Per 2 (Room 211)
MCV4U         Per 4 (Room 346)

Availability For Extra Help:  I am almost always in room 211 every morning around 8:30 am - 8:55 am and lunch 11: 50 am - 12:30 pm for Extra Help except Wednesdays at lunch where I am in room 346 for Chess Club.  Feel free to drop by any of these times and locations.  If you need another time feel free to contact me and set up a time for after school.  Thanks.  

Mathematics is an incredible combination of art and science.   In my classes we aim to improve higher order thinking and gain an appreciation of the processes and beauty of math.   We engage in collaborative learning and student centred teaching.  We have a number of creative and engaging practices that occur on a daily basis.  We aim to make math fun and enjoyable for all!  My priority is to have students engage in mathematics in a meaningful way that is auditory, visual, and kinestetic.  Come and join us and find out just how incredible the world of mathematics can be! 
It is also my pleasure to offer a Chess and Strategy Club .  We are back up and running again for another amazing year.  All are welcome!  Please come by room 346 every Wednesday at lunch to discover the amazing world of strategy games.  We will develop student's critical thinking skills and ability to reason as they explore a huge variety of engaging and difficult games.  We will run one chess tournament a year! Grades 9 -12.  We will also explore higher level mathematics and answer the many math questions that students ponder on a regular basis.  Ex.  Prove (-1)(-1) = 1  
Please feel free to navigate this site and find out more about specific courses.  I look forward to meeting you someday!  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.  Thanks.

The following calculators will NOT be allowed on any evaluation  (MATH CLASSES)
-- SHARP Writeview, Casio fx-991ES /Casio fx-83ES (Natural Display), Staples Textbook display BD-6410) or one of similar capabilities
-- any graphing calculator or CAS (Computer Algebra Systems) calculator

Note:  JMSS is happy to offer a Missed Test Room Wednesday and Friday Mornings at 7:30 am (room 346).  Please ask your teacher for more information.  
Please notify your teacher in advance if you know you will be absent for an upcoming test.  

Note:  Enriched Math Programs will no longer be running at all OCDSB schools as of Sept 2015.  This is a Board decision.  I know that this may be disappointing and I encourage you to contact your school principal or the Board if you require more information on the decision. 

Michael Czudner  
B.Sc. Highest Honours Mathematics
Honours Specialist:  Mathematics
Mathematics Department

John McCrae Secondary School