Varsity Math Club

Meetings & Workshops

Varsity math workshops are for students who want to enjoy team math problem solving and collaboration with students 
from other grades.   All grades 7 to 12 students work together to see different ways of presenting the solutions to enrichment 
questions and build team work while enjoying the beauty of number crunching.  
No prerequisite skills required. All grades welcome.  
    Next math contest prep workshop is Thursday, Feb. 8th afterschool.  
Sign-up for next workshop will open mid-January 2018 and done online.  Limited spots. Stay tuned!

LDHSS Math Varsity club members meet after-school the first and fourth Thursday in room 324 
(3:15-4:00 pm).  See dates below.  New members are always welcome to join our meetings.

Above are a few photos from October 24th, 2017 and November 30th, 2017 Varsity Mathletes workshops: a room full of grades 7  to 12 of our Ravens came out and attempted Waterloo Math questions out of their comfort zone.  Every students got the chance to improve their skills with the variety of questions available to them and took home some new math problem strategies.  

Thanks to this year's new mathletes club executives (our senior Ravens): Oussama Sauodi, Yasmin Abdul Malik, Alyssa Tempel, Andrew Zhan and Fatemeh Sadat Karimi and Manasi Tirukachi for organizing a great workshop yesterday and awesome student feedback.  

Below are photos from February 28th, 2017 workshops on problem solving:  more than 35 grades 7 to 12 ​students enthusiastically collaborating in numeracy problem solving​; both listening and sharing each other's best tips for math contest problem solving.  ​Students went half and hour overtime​ as no one wanted to leave. ​  Enjoy the photos and students generated a strategy list for problem solving as a workshop souvenir.  
                             What the VARSITY club team building and collaborative workshop looks like:

Varsity Math in-school Enrichment Competition
Varsity math club also runs enrichment - fun math competition for students to challenge each other.  
Monthly top scoring teams on Varsity club's fun problem solving 2015 to 2017 are as follows:

Mathlete Club workshop 2016-2017 Leaders 
Mathletes club leaders and tutors  2014 - 2015

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