We Are The Longfields Arts Team

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Intermediate Arts Programs
Elio Catana (Drama)  
Leslie Chandler (Visual Arts) leslie.chandler@ocdsb.ca
Nicole Code (Drama) 
Mandar Gumaste (Instrumental Music) mandar.gumaste@ocdsb.ca
Meaghan Miller (Vocal Ensemble) meaghan.miller@ocdsb.ca
Jennifer Sheridan (Instrumental Music) jennifer.sheridan@ocdsb.ca

Secondary Arts Programs
Chantal Bourret (Visual Arts) chantal.bourret@ocdsb.ca
Caitlin de Rosenroll (Vocal & Instrumental Music)
Rachael Doran (Visual Arts) rachael.doran@ocdsb.ca
Carey Godfrey (Head of Arts, Instrumental Music) carolyne.godfrey@ocdsb.ca
Andrea Jensen (Visual Arts) andrea.jensen@ocdsb.ca
Michele LePage (Instrumental Music) michele.lepage@ocdsb.ca
Patricia Sneath (Dance)
Liza Wilson (Drama)


Coming up--Stay tuned for info about clubs and performance opportunities

Congrats to the cast and crew of the 2018 Cappies production of 'The Bullying Collection'

Congratulations to all of our musicians involved in the Capital Region Musicfest.  Here are the results:

Grade 7 Concert Band--Bronze
Grade 8 Concert Band--Silver Plus
Grade 9 Concert Band--Silver Plus
Sr. Concert Band--Silver
Grade 8 Concert Band--Gold
Jr. Concert Band--Gold
Sr. Concert Band--Gold

Congrats to our Intermediate Music Ravens that performed in the OCDSB All-Star Grade 8 Jazz Band.  

Check out the video of our Grade 8 Jazz Band performing at the concert:

Here's the Grade 9 Jazz Band performing at our annual Jazz Dinner in November: