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Welcome to Math at lDHSS! 

    The Intermediate Mathematics team at LDHSS is very excited to offer a new support system for Grade 7 and 8 students.  Starting in September 2013, the LDHSS INT Math Home Page is our new home for supporting students as they strive to meet their goals in math. This program has been developed by the intermediate math teachers and is designed to align with the math program offered to our intermediate students. This page will offer students the opportunity to supplement classroom instruction and to provide extra help to students when they are at home. Please note that this resource is simply a collection of free web based materials that have been identified by our staff as useful resources. This site is by no means a comprehensive resource that can be used to replace classroom instruction. Rather, it is to be used in adjunct to what the teacher does in class. 

    In order to help keep this resource up to date and functional for our students. Please report and broken or missing links / content to your math teacher so that we can update or replace the resources as needed. 


The Int. Math Team