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Latest News - 2016_17 Season

We are gearing up for what is expected to be a cold and snowy winter. (according to farmers almanac predictions) If you are interested in Nordic Skiing for John McCrae, talk to Mr McCulloch or come out to the meeting toward the end of the fall. To get the latest news sign up with the remind app (instructions linked below) 


For any questions, please find Mr M or email me at.......

Annual Plan

Practices - Students are expected to attend a minimum of 12 practices in the ski season November to February

 Timeframe Practice Location Transportation
 Start Mid November  Dryland - running, strength training, balance and flexibility JohnMcCrae S.S.

time TBD

 none reqd.
 As soon as Snow Permits Beginning December  Basic Ski Technique JohnMcCrae S.S.

Time TBD

 none reqd.
 Mid December - Beginning Feb  Trails Hills Mooney’s Bay / Terry Fox

Time TBD

 Teachers car(s), taxis, parents
 1st week of February  NCSSAA Nordic Ski Meet Nakkertok Ski Centre - Gatineau  School Bus or Van or other
 2nd week of February  NCSSAA Nordic Ski Championship Nakkertok Ski Centre - Gatineau  School Bus or Van or other
3rd week of February OFSAA Nordic Ski Championship Changes Annually As Required
 Optional throughout season Longer Ski Technique workshop - Competition Prep Possible Gatineau Park - or Nakertook Ski Centre - time TBD probably a weekend day Parents drop off and pick up - welcome to go for a ski

Practice schedules vary depending upon the snow conditions.

Some plans on Calendar -  Plans only will firm up dates  

XCSki Team/Club

Equipment Strategies

The technique used in high school Nordic competition is skate skiing. Skate skiing equipment differs from classic style; the skis are shorter and optimized for glide and speed, the poles are longer and the boots have greater ankle support.

There are some options for equipment;

Option 1 - Getting Started

John McCrae has some classic cross country equipment available for its outdoor ed program. There is a limited number of ski boot sizes, but the equipment can be used to try out skate skiing. This offers an opportunity for all.

Option 2 - It is best if students have a complete set of their own equipment.

***Option 3 -  If purchasing a complete set of equipment is not the plan for this ski season, consider purchasing ski boots. Boots may be the most important component of equipment to enjoy your ski, warm feet and a good fit.

There are two types of bindings for nordic skiing, NNN (New Nordic Norm) and SNS. All skis / boots for the same type of binding are interchangeable. JMSS has skiis with NNN bindings and boots should be skating type.

Very significant money can be saved by purchasing used equipment through ski “swaps”. One well known swap is the Chelsea Nordic Annual Ski and Bike Swap, early in November at Camp Fortune Lodge. I highly recommend this swap to get used boots or other equipment at significant savings. It is important to get boots that are meant for the “skating technique” with NNN bindings if you wish to use the school skiis.

Thanks to XC Zone

Geoffrey McCulloch,
Oct 27, 2014, 10:45 AM