This website is no longer maintained.  Please go:   HERE for the new and improved Website.

NEW!:  Mr. Plewis is using Google Classroom this year.  Please use the correct codes to access the relevant course:

ENG 4U-03:  cph3ao
ENG 4U/R-01: wwbpfjg
ENG 3E/4E-01: 8spbrp

Welcome to Mr. Plewis' class website. Note that most student interaction is done through Google Classroom now, although the Calendar below remains up to date for parents, guardians and anyone else who wants to see the relevant dates.  If you have any additional questions, please contact me at one of the addresses below.  I welcome Twitter contact, if that's your thing, in addition to regular email.

Contact Information for Mr. Plewis:

Found frequently in room 324, or in room 325 teaching.  Frequently, elsewhere in the halls of John McCrae and in other locales across the Capital Region, predominantly the hockey rinks of the Western part of the area, often at ridiculous hours of the weekend mornings.

Via email: andrew.plewis@ocdsb.ca (preferred).

Via Twitter @mrplewis1 (also preferred, but not as private)

Keep in mind that all communication must be of the professional nature and that some methods are totally public (like Twitter).  Text-speak emails are met with quizzical looks and not with timely responses.  

Below are relatively recent photos of my kids.  I will talk about them a fair bit.  You must be cool with this...


Plewis ENG 4U 2015

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