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About Us

The JMSS Library Information Center is a "teaching library". Four periods a day, classes are booked in to the library to do projects being team-taught by the teacher-librarian and classroom teacher. Assignments are co-designed and delivered in all subject areas.
The Library is an integral part of the teaching and learning program at JMSS.  In the JMSS Library Information Center, students learn Information Literacy skills that complement the skills and content taught in all subject areas.



In grade nine, students will be introduced to:

As students climb through the grades they’ll be taught even more about:

accessing all kinds of information

not depending solely on the Internet

choosing the best resources for the task

taking effective notes

avoiding plagiarism

critical thinking skills

assessing information

accessing information sources in the community

research skills for college and university

becoming independent in research and thinking



Library information skills are PORTABLE!  The skills students learn here will help them do every thing from finding the best pizza restaurant in Ottawa and writing a doctoral thesis at Yale, to figuring out how to change a flat tire or do a lab report for Pharmacy Tech at Algonquin.



The Library isn’t just about research!!


Students are always welcome here to read, do homework, or write a letter to Grandma!  The John McCrae Library has a huge selection of fiction – from the classics to the latest Hunger Games.  We’ve got books on just about everything.  If you want to research a healthy training diet, see if it’s true that the Earth is dodging a Black Hole, figure out how to smooth things over with your angry best friend, learn what soldiers ate in the trenches in WWI – we’ve got books!!


Every day newspapers arrive, and every month about 20 magazines come in.  Students should drop in to check out last night’s scores, see what movies are coming out, and track the “who did what to whom?” in Canadian politics chat.