In My GardenMy name is Nancy Faraday. I have taught at John McCrae since the school opened, and I have always been proud to be part of a school community that continually adapts to new thinking in education. I have
been a member of the Assessment and Evaluation Committee, looking at new ways to approach student grading, and a member of the Pathways Committee, examining and implementing ways to ensure the school meets the needs of College bound students. In 2007, I was stage manager for Zombie Prom, the school musical, and I currently lead McCrae's Threadworks Club, which meets on Wednesdays in the JMSS Library from 3:30 - 4:30.
One of my interests is the study of electronic mass media as a communication system that is, in many ways, more influential than the traditional print media that we study in English courses. I have been a system leader in integrating media studies into the English curriculum and taught the Media Studies course for many years at McCrae.

 I encourage all students to take advantage of the resources available on this site. 

You know, metaphors are not some strange entities dreamt up by English teachers. In this clip from TED Talks, James Geary explains that metaphor is at the centre of the way we make sense of the world:

Who decides what information you access? In the days of newspapers, editors were the gatekeepers. In the age of the internet, machine algorithms have taken their place, according to Eli Pariser: