General Information

Dear Parents and Legal Guardians,
Please don't hesitate to contact me regarding your son or daughter's progress. 
My e-mail address is 
Please click on the "current courses" tab to the left for detailed course information.


Missed Lessons & Assessments

Excused absences or lates are entered in the main office, so please be sure to contact the main office to approve lates and absences.  Students who are absent are responsible for getting notes, handouts and missed work upon their return.  If your son or daughter misses an assessment, please remind him or her to make arrangements upon returning to school. 



Please see "calculator policy".  Every student should have his/her own scientific calculator and bring it to class at all times in order to follow lessons.  Not all calculators work the same way and the probability of errors increases if students borrow calculators that they are not familiar with.  For various reasons, electronic devices are not permitted as a substitute for a calculator.  Students have also been instructed not to share calculators during assessments.  Additional supplies required are pencil, eraser, ruler, lined- and grid paper and a three-ring binder.


It is highly recommended that students retain all copies of assessments for future learning opportunities and in  preparation of final assessments. 


Electronic Devices

Electronic devices continue to be an issue in the learning environment:  cell phones, MP3 players, i-pods and i-phones are a distraction in the classroom and I would greatly appreciate your support to discourage use of these during class time. 


Thank-you for your support and please don’t hesitate to contact me anytime if you have questions or concerns.



Natalie Evermann