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Warning: I love google calendars but I have a better way of sharing... please trust that I am sharing relevant information regarding homework expectations, learning activites, and evaluation dates with all of my students on a daily basis in the classroom.  All students will have a table of contents or homework outline for each unit of study in their notebook.  These are very handy for keeping students organized and for parents to check that their kids are caught up. These outlines and countless documents, videos, and powerpoints are shared in a secure OCDSB network drive.

Parents can have access to all relevant files by contacting me at the email address below.

Look:  This photo was taken by a student photographer just after I ignited a hydrogen balloon on stage at one of our talent shows. Amazingly, the balloon's outline is visible. 

Here are links to two more demonstrations I enjoy doing with my students.

(or search sodiumacetatedemo)

(or search jmssiodineclockdemo)

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